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Independent survey finds high level of customer satisfaction with SIA’s online licensing system

by Brian Sims
Dave Humphries

Dave Humphries

An independent survey commissioned by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) has found that more than three quarters of customers are satisfied with the Regulator’s licence application process. The same Customer Satisfaction Survey found that almost 90% of individual licence applicants are favourable towards the SIA as an organisation.

The SIA commissioned IFF Research to measure customer satisfaction of the online licensing service, which was introduced in July 2016. The survey, which took place from May to July last year, covered both employers and individual licence applicants. The aim of the survey was to evaluate the customer experience with a view to improving the service.

Listening to the customer base

Dave Humphries, interim CEO of the SIA, commented: “We are committed to listening to our customers and acting on their concerns. We’re delighted that a majority of our customers view the SIA positively, and that they are happy with our online licensing process. However, we acknowledge that not all customers are satisfied, and we’re working hard to ensure that applicants who fit the criteria receive an SIA licence in a timely fashion.”

The survey also found that there has been a significant rise in satisfaction from employers since the previous survey, which took place in 2017. On average, businesses were 57% more satisfied with the application process than in the previous year, with 23%more favourable towards the SIA as an organisation.

Jackie Munn, head of customer support for the SIA, said: “These improved levels of customer satisfaction from businesses are very welcome. They are the result of a lot of hard work within the SIA, not least from our Customer Support team. We’ve looked carefully at the way in which we engage with all our customers and tailored our processes to serve them better. We would urge all of our customers, whether employers or individuals, to register for an SIA online account. This is the quickest and easiest channel through which to obtain effective support from us. We know that those who are already registered are finding the service invaluable.”

Detail of the survey

The survey began with a quantitative phase, during which the IFF Research interviewed 1,000 individuals and businesses who had applied for an SIA licence during the two months to 4 April 2018. A qualitative phase then conducted in-depth follow-up interviews with a representative sample of the original cohort.

The findings correspond almost exactly with the SIA’s own quarterly customer satisfaction survey. This consists of feedback collected from licence applicants who have just used the SIA’s online application service. An average of 76.4% of applicants rated the service as ‘very good’ or ‘good’ in the three quarters from 1 April 2018.

The SIA has committed to another independent Customer Satisfaction Survey which will start in the early summer.

*Access a PDF copy of the full survey results

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