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Inaugural Interpol World Forum focuses on innovation for global security

by Brian Sims
Interpol World 2015 runs from 14-16 April

Interpol World 2015 runs from 14-16 April

Fostering innovation to meet global security challenges is the focus of the first Interpol World Forum which opened today in Singapore. Comprising an Expo and a Congress, the three-day event aims to create a platform for the security industry, law enforcement and Government agencies alike such that they might develop closer partnerships and innovative security initiatives.

Singapore’s Second Minister for Home Affairs, S Iswaran, opened the Congress by highlighting the role of continuous innovation and close partnerships against crime.

“Criminals and terrorists are taking advantage of advancements in technology, globalisation and rapid urbanisation,” explained Iswaran. “This has ushered-in a new wave of threats that can destabilise both global and local security. There is thus an urgent need for law enforcement agencies to leverage the latest technologies and adopt innovation as a key enabler of policing work. Innovation in policing methods and tools is the key to ensuring that law enforcement agencies stay ahead of the criminals and, ultimately, triumph in that quest.”

Interpol’s President Mireille Ballestrazzi stated that a collective response was necessary to counter terrorism and the illicit activities of increasingly well-structured criminal networks threatening individuals, businesses, administrations, law enforcement and Governments.

“Interpol World provides a unique opportunity to mobilise countries, international and regional organisations, as well as public and private sector partners, by sharing expertise and experiences and thereby identifying and developing innovative initiatives against global security challenges,” said President Ballestrazzi.

Describing Interpol World as a unique forum shaping innovative, multi-stakeholder partnerships between law enforcement and industry, Interpol’s Secretary General Jürgen Stock underlined the need for law enforcement to keep pace with technological developments.

“Technology will continue to create security challenges going forward, despite making our lives easier and safer and industries more profitable,” outlined Secretary General Stock. “At the same time, criminals will continue to find and exploit loopholes for their benefit and innovate in a bid to achieve their goals.”

Secretary General Stock added: “Interpol World is the extra step that physically brings together in one place the innovation of industry and the experience of law enforcement. By drawing on this synergy, this event will help to identify risks and vulnerabilities in new and emerging technology before they become tangible threats.”

Four emerging security challenges

With Interpol World 2015 bringing together more than 8,000 participants, 200 companies from 30 countries and law enforcement from across the globe, its Congress focuses on four emerging security challenges: border management, cyber crime, safe cities and supply chain management.

The event is also attended by Interpol World strategic partners from the private sector, including Microsoft, RSA and Symantec on cyber security, 3M, Entrust Datacard and Securiport on border management, Motorola Solutions and Thales on safe cities and DCTA and SICPA in relation to supply chain security.

With Singapore marking its 50th Anniversary since independence, the inaugural Interpol World, which is set to become a biennial event, is being held alongside the opening of the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation and the 22nd Interpol Asian Regional Conference.

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