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Image Fusion solution aimed at counter terror usage

by Brian Sims

RFEL has announced a next generation, low power, real-time, video processing solution for surveillance as a critical capability for counter terrorism, defence and security. Potential applications for the Halo solution include fixed and mobile installations including covert monitoring and surveillance, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Halo addresses problems including poor raw sensor imagery and challenging lighting or atmospheric conditions. The solution combines infrared imaging with adaptive contrast enhancement. The video processing blocks are optimised to deliver high quality, high frame rate, HD video for human or machine interpretation. The flexible design makes it ideal for upgrading existing infrastructure, as well as for providing a complete solution. Halo uses a proprietary image fusion engine. Different imaging wavebands provide complementary information. The purpose of image fusion is to form a composite image based on selecting the best features from both images on a per pixel basis. An additional advantage of image fusion is that the processing bandwidth, storage requirements and any downlink requirements can be reduced due to the potential halving of the retained image data.

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