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IFSEC International heralds dawn of new working partnership for Norbain and Dedicated Micros

by Brian Sims
Left to Right: Pauline Norstrom, Mike Newton and Charlie Lacey

Left to Right: Pauline Norstrom, Mike Newton and Charlie Lacey

UK security solutions distributor Norbain and Dedicated Micros, a pioneer in the field of security surveillance, have announced a new working partnership. Having benefited from a strong relationship in days gone by, the two businesses are pleased to be working together again with a view to bringing the best choice of products and services to the UK market.

This development follows on from Dedicated Micros’ appointment of Norbain as the exclusive distributor of the enhanced Digital Sprite (DS) 2 units which benefit from 16 channels and 2 Tb of storage. No less than 198,000 DS2 units have been bought to date, with Norbain selling two thirds of that number.

A key part of this re-established business relationship involves the release of Dedicated Micros’ new HD analogue solutions. The new ICE2 cameras and enhanced SD Advanced hybrid DVR/NVR with HD analogue capability offer security installers and end users alike “maximum flexibility” with three modes in one: analogue, HD analogue and HD IP video.

Also launching just now are the SmartVu HD IP cameras with the SD Advanced NVR IP Video Surveillance Solution featuring remote focus capability included as a standard feature to ensure fast and effective installations which are operational “to the highest quality”.

Charlie Lacey, sales and marketing director at Norbain, commented: “We’re delighted to be entering into this new era with Dedicated Micros. Norbain is committed to providing customers with the very best product choice and levels of service, and this newly enhanced partnership is a prime example of how we can achieve that goal.”

Pauline Norstrom, chief operating officer for Dedicated Micros, responded: “This is an exciting time for Dedicated Micros thanks to the range of new solutions we’re bringing to market. We wanted to work with a distribution partner that has a reputation second to none in the industry in order to match the calibre of these new products and solutions. Norbain absolutely fits that bill.”

Mike Newton, CEO/CTO and founder of Dedicated Micros, stated: “Norbain understands Dedicated Micros on a commercial footing as well as on a technical level. The company is able to express the business benefits of our products on an effective platform. We’re fully confident in entrusting Norbain to represent our new solutions.”

Dedicated Micros and FireVu

Dedicated Micros and FireVu demonstrated high value security and safety solutions for commercial enterprise at this year’s IFSEC International and FIREX International exhibitions which ran at ExCeL London from 16-18 June.

End users and security installers alike are able to benefit from a wide range of HD, IP and analogue CCTV and video-based fire detection solutions, all of them designed in-house.

The ubiquitous SD Advanced hybrid DVR/NVR offers HD 720p video when paired with Dedicated Micros’ HD analogue ICE2 cameras. It’s also fast and simple to install with lower labour requirements.

As stated, there’s the additional choice of hybrid flexibility with three modes in one: analogue, HD analogue and HD IP video. End users should note that this new system is ideal for legacy upgrades.

The high storage 6 Tb and 12 Tb SD Advanced enables a future-proof full transition to HD using both the IP and analogue cabling infrastructures.

Moreover, Dedicated Micros has already solved the potential problems of increased storage requirements associated with HD video recording thanks to it’s first-to-market MultiMode recording solution which can save up to 50% of the end user’s storage costs. Transcoding is embodied in the NetVu Connected server, in turn enabling low bandwidth review of high resolution recorded video.

SmartVu and the SD Advanced NVR IP Video Surveillance Solution

The new upgraded SmartVu range offers remote focus that generates significant savings in installation and maintenance costs as the cameras may be installed and then focused from the desktop. SmartVu camera users can also benefit from Dedicated Micros’ associated technologies.

Dedicated Micros' HD Analogue cameras

Dedicated Micros’ HD Analogue cameras

The NVR affords all the additional benefits of NetVu Connected software technology, including both MultiMode recording and Transcoding. For its part, the HD SmartVu is ideal for use with the SD Advanced NVR, designed and optimised as it is for HD IP performance.

With the built-in closed IP layer 3 switch, up to 16 cameras can directly plug into the SD Advanced NVR with the potential for up to 32 cameras. This solution is ideal for retail outlets and manufacturing units.

For larger sites, the distributed Virtual NVR system provides substantial benefits. It’s specifically designed to maximise uptime by providing a redundant storage and distributed database architecture as a result of each camera node being capable of operating in isolation to the rest of the network.

Management is “completely seamless” by dint of the NetVu Connected embedded video management system architecture. COTS storage can be added and a tiered storage scenario created and controlled independently as a result of the benefits realised by Dedicated Micros’ Network and Storage Controller.

The Multi Detector explained

FireVu’s objective is to protect the end user’s business by adding value over and above any other high-end detection system on the market. The new Multi Detector makes use of video-based fire and smoke detectors with thermal detection in a single solution.

All FireVu solutions can detect smoke at source, are ideal for voluminous spaces, not impeded in raising alerts when smoke stratification occurs and can provide evidential quality video of all incidents.

The Multi Detector’s heat detecting capability can determine when plant and machinery is operating above its expected or allowable temperature. When a site or plant owner is alerted to unusually high temperatures, even before a fire has ignited, the situation can be addressed.

Process monitoring environments will see special value as faults may be identified when parts are starting to malfunction. On that basis, major disruption can be avoided.


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