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IFSEC International 2018: Risk Xtra’s Solutions Guide for End Users (Part One)

by Brian Sims
Winsted's WAVE console for CCTV Control Rooms

Winsted’s WAVE console for CCTV Control Rooms

Organised by UBM, IFSEC International’s 2018 edition takes place at ExCeL London from Tuesday 19 June until Thursday 21 June. As always, Risk Xtra will be there for the entire event. Ahead of the doors to the exhibition opening, here’s the first instalment of a detailed preview for practising end users focusing on what new products and solutions they can expect to see.

Control Room furniture manufacturer Winsted is set to return to IFSEC International by unveiling the company’s “exciting and futuristic” new console. Dubbed ‘The Prestige WAVE’, the console can be found on Stand F202.

Designed and constructed specifically for today’s Control Room technology, the sleek new console is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio and a clear demonstration of Winsted’s expanding capabilities. Engineered as a modular system, this enables the console’s configuration to be tailored specifically to meet precise operating or room requirements. A range of finishes and accessories are available including monitor mounts, CPU holders and storage to fully customise any workspace.

Terry Shough, Winsted’s general manager, hails the new Wave console as an important and innovative addition to the company’s comprehensive line-up of Control Room furniture. “This smart modular solution is highly adaptable and designed to meet the rigorous demands of a 24/7 environment, but not at the expense of style or aesthetics,” explained Shough in conversation with Risk Xtra.

Winsted representatives will be on-hand throughout the event to discuss customer-specific requirements and provide helpful information on the latest trends and developments in the industry in order to equip end user visitors with the best solution to meet their Control Room requirements.

Focusing on guard tours

A new Guard Tour feature for Inner Range’s integrated access control system, Integriti, allows security managers to randomise the order of regular patrol duties, making routine activities harder to predict for would-be attackers.

The feature is part of the latest update (V18.1) for Inner Range’s award-winning integrated access control product and will be showcased on Stand F410.

Guard Tour assists security managers to organise, log, monitor and carry out routine security tasks. It includes ‘flexible grouping’ so that security officer tours can be broken down into groups of sub-steps that personnel can complete in any order. It also allows the real-time tracking of personnel while they’re conducting designated tasks and can also automate some of those tasks, such as re-arming a cleared area.

Inner Range will be discussing its Guard Tour solution

Inner Range will be discussing its Guard Tour solution

Inner Range is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year and therefore draws on three decades of R&D, manufacturing and sales experience to provide customers with bespoke security solutions. Since the company was founded in Melbourne, Australia back in 1988, the business has installed more than 130,000 access control systems in upwards of 30 countries.

Tim Northwood, general manager of Inner Range Europe, explained to Risk Xtra: “We’ve always prided ourselves on the fact that we research, develop and manufacture all of our own products. At IFSEC International, we look forward to showing end users what our 30-year heritage in integrated access control systems can do at the local, national and even global levels.”

Inner Range is taking part in IFSEC International’s all-new ‘Show Me How’ programme of technology demonstrations by demonstrating how to configure its web-based access control system, Inception, from taking it out of the box to functioning in a programmed state.

Intelligent security management

Qognify returns to IFSEC International for the European introduction of its new Packaged Solutions, which will be demonstrated alongside its extensive portfolio of VMS, PSIM and advanced video analytics solutions. 

Qognify ISM

Qognify ISM

Packaged Solutions is a library of pre-designed and pre-configured bundled solutions designed to address common and specific security-related challenges. Using the intelligent capabilities of the Qognify portfolio, including Situator, VisionHub and video and data analytics, Packaged Solutions provide organisations with access to powerful capabilities underpinned by minimal installation and faster deployment. 

The first two Packaged Solutions to feature on Stand E220 are Qognify ISM and Qognify ACI. Qognify ISM is a PSIM-based solution that features pre- or auto-configured components to minimise the time and cost of implementation, while also providing many of the situational awareness and management benefits typically associated with full-scale PSIM systems. For its part, Qognify ACI uses machine learning data analytics and smart pattern recognition to transform data from access control systems into information that can be used to improve security and operations.

NVRs for the transport sector

Ruggedised mobile network video recorders (NVRs) will be introduced by IDIS on Stand C140 at this year’s IFSEC International. The DR-6308PM and DR-6361PSM NVRs are ideal for use in public transport and other applications where interior and exterior vehicle activity needs to be captured in high resolution.

Featuring a durable, anti-shock and anti-vibration design, the new models overcome the problem of noise and inconsistent image quality that can affect standard recording devices in challenging mobile situations.

IDIS can be located on Stand C140

IDIS can be located on Stand C140

The automatic data back-up over Wi-Fi simplifies integration into any centralised monitoring system. A dual track recording feature also maximises storage capacity. End users can choose to store recordings of particular incidents at the highest quality, along with standard quality recordings of general video footage for longer retention.

The new mobile NVRs offer 480ips at 4K UHD recording performance (for all 16 channels), H.265 and H.264 dual codec support and 210 Mbps of recording bandwidth. Other specialist features include a triple-axis accelerometer that detects emergency stops and starts and an integrated power supply and isolated power block that protects internal circuitry to ensure that data isn’t lost during any loss of power or an over-voltage event.

Giving end users maximum operational choice, the new mobile NVRs also come with the option of the feature-rich IDIS Center VMS. This is a free, powerful, customisable management system that supports up to 1,024 devices. There’s also the enterprise-level IDIS Solution Suite, which offers a modular design, a cost-effective license structure and zero software maintenance agreements.

Working with partners

Integrated security manufacturer TDSi’s team and products will be featuring with partner companies ASSA ABLOY (Stand F320), Milestone Systems (Stand C340) and Anixter (Stand E400).

TDSi’s managing director John Davies informed Risk Xtra: “This year, TDSi will be working closely with our partners to showcase the latest in integrated security systems. We’re very excited to be meeting visitors with each of our partners to show how we work together and, in turn, demonstrate the many benefits these partnerships provide for the practising end user.”

TDSi and ASSA ABLOY will be demonstrating the integration of the Aperio wireless door locking systems with TDSi’s EXgarde management software. This offers a direct and secure connection between these systems and CCTV, intruder alarms, Microsoft Active Directory and other integrated systems.

John Davies

John Davies

On the Milestone stand, TDSi will demonstrate a partnership which delivers integrated access control through the former’s Xprotect VMS engine and the benefits that it provides for end users.

The TDSi team and its products will also be featured on Anixster’s stand. Anixter is a major distributor of TDSi’s products throughout the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. At ExCeL, TDSi and Anixter will be focusing on the new GARDiS software platform range.

“There really is something for everyone at IFSEC 2018,” concluded Davies. “If you’re visiting with an interest in wireless access control systems then come and see us on the ASSA ABLOY stand. If you’re particularly interested in VMS come and visit TDSi on the Milestone stand. End uses who are keen on finding out about web-based software and access control systems should visit us on the Anixter stand. We look forward to seeing the readers of Risk Xtra.”

ONVIF celebrates 10th Anniversary

ONVIF, the leading global standardisation initiative for IP-based physical security products, is all set to attend IFSEC International which is, of course, Europe’s largest security exhibition. Indeed, more than 27,000 security professionals are expected to attend this year’s event.

“Exhibitions provide a great opportunity to collect feedback from the market on our latest Profiles and our work on providing interoperability solutions for IP-based products, so we’re excited to be at IFSEC again this year,” said Per Björkdahl, chair of the ONVIF Steering Committee. “As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, this feedback will be invaluable to help shape the next decade of our specification development so that we can continue to provide end users and system designers alike with freedom of choice when building or expanding their security systems.”

Attendees are encouraged to stop by the ONVIF Stand, D125, in order to relax, recharge their mobile devices and find educational materials about ONVIF. In addition to its own exhibit space, ONVIF will also be represented by nearly 50 member companies displaying their solutions at the show.

ONVIF boasts nearly 10,000 Profile-conformant products. With Profile S for streaming video, Profile G for recording and storage, Profile C for physical access control, Profile Q for improved out-of-the-box functionality, Profile A for broader access control configuration and the Profile T Release Candidate for advanced streaming, ONVIF continues to work with its members to actively expand the number of IP interoperability solutions that ONVIF-conformant products can provide.

Further information about ONVIF-conformant products, including the vendors and the conformant models, is available on the ONVIF website at www.onvif.org

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