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IFSEC International 2015: End User Solutions Guide (Part Two)

by Brian Sims
IFSEC International 2015 runs at ExCeL London between 16-18 June

IFSEC International 2015 runs at ExCeL London between 16-18 June

DORMA, COP Security, Seagate, SALTO Systems, Mitsubishi Electric and Nedap are exhibiting at IFSEC International 2015. The show at London’s ExCeL runs from Tuesday 16-Thursday 18 June. Brian Sims takes a look at what’s in store for end users.

On Stand F1250 at IFSEC International, DORMA will showcase a new access control system. MATRIX AIR represents a “significant leap forward” in terms of design and ease of use for access control.

With this latest addition to its product portfolio, DORMA can provide visitors to the exhibition with a multitude of door and access control solutions. 

The new MATRIX AIR access control range has been designed with “the thinnest profile on the market” to enhance the aesthetics of a modern interior design scheme. The range includes integrated lever handle fittings and electronic access cylinders available in black or white.

Suitable for individual doors or as part of a complete access control solution, MATRIX AIR can be designed for hassle-free implementation and use, particularly when deployed in conjunction with the MATRIX AIR app (which allows administrators to manage access rights).

DORMA's solutions for end users will be discussed at ExCeL

DORMA’s solutions for end users will be discussed at ExCeL

DORMA’s stand will also showcase the new Automatic Folding Door, the DORMA FFT Flex Green. An ideal space-saving solution, this provides maximum clear opening widths of 2.4 metres and meets the requirements for emergency escape routes in line with Approved Document B.

The in-built locking mechanism is designed for easy integration with access control while the FFT Flex Green Automatic Folding Door also offers “excellent thermal separation efficiency” as well as “dynamic, smooth and quiet operation” to ensure minimal wear.

Also taking centre stage at the exhibition will be an Automatic Security Sliding Door, the DORMA ST Flex Secure. This has been designed for applications that require the highest levels of security to meet the increasing requirement for the convenience of an automatic sliding door but with additional anti-intruder and anti-vandalism protection.

Finally, DORMA will launch an entirely new concept which will show the future of access control – wherein authentication is conducted by the door itself without the need for traditional card or fob-based wall readers

COP introduces Dahua technology at IFSEC International 2015

To be seen for the first time at IFSEC International 2015 and making their debut in the company’s summer 2015 price list, professional trade-only CCTV security products distributor COP Security will be introducing over 100 new Dahua products to its portfolio.

The UK’s leading Dahua Technology distribution partner, COP Security will be extending its comprehensive CCTV range with Dahua’s latest products including Dahua panoramic IP cameras, IP and HDCVI motorised zoom dome and bullet cameras, P/T internal IP domes, wide dynamic IP and low light IP range, DVRs, NVRs and PTZ domes.

COP Security is set to discuss Dahua solutions

COP Security is set to discuss Dahua solutions

Offering advanced ‘smart’ surveillance, the star attraction will be the latest range of Dahua HD image quality ‘Ultra-smart’ IP cameras. Designed for installation within retail, education, financial or transportation locations to name but a few, the new smart cameras feature a host of intelligent features such as built-in video analytics including people counting and facial, intrusion, scene change, tripwire and abandoned/missing detection.

These cameras also include ultra-Wide Dynamic Range, auto back focus and electronic image stabilising to provide efficient all-round imaging performance whatever the application or performance requirement.

Gareth Rhodes, COP Security’s sales and marketing manager, explained: “COP Security is ideally placed to guide customer visitors through the extensive Dahua range and demonstrate their products’ performance advantages in action. Afterwards, visitors can return to the COP Security stand for further discussions.”

COP Security is located at Stand D1200 and the Dahua Stand E1300.

NICE Systems: focusing on risk mitigation and business continuity

At IFSEC International 2015, NICE Systems will highlight why organisations including major airports, seaports, railways, banks and safe city projects around the world are relying on industry-leading security solutions to mitigate risk, maintain business continuity and streamline operations.

On Stand F950, NICE will host live interactive demonstrations of the awarding-winning NICE Suspect Search solution. Visitors will see how the use of NICE’s next generation video analytics makes it possible to locate and track a specific person of interest across multiple cameras and within large volumes of video, in turn reducing search time from hours to minutes.

Pay a visit to NICE Systems at IFSEC International

Pay a visit to NICE Systems at IFSEC International

Security professionals will also learn how they can better address routine and emergency situations in their security, safety and operations procedures by gaining operational intelligence and expanding situational awareness with the NICE Situator solution.

In addition, NICE Systems will be showcasing NiceVision Net 3.0, the newest version of its flagship video management system. This intelligent software platform now includes enhanced edge recording for distributed environments and tools to promote simplified installation and maintenance for integrators as well as protection against data loss during camera replacement.

To demonstrate addressing the later stages of situation management life cycle, NICE will show NICE Inform – an incident debriefing and investigation solution which integrates multimedia from various capture platforms to provide a complete view of incidents and improve investigations.

Seagate’s surveillance solutions for end users 

Seagate is looking forward to bringing together the latest products and exclusive demonstrations of cutting-edge technology in the security space.

The company will feature the Surveillance HDD: a high quality and reliable surveillance drive that enhances data integrity, reduces the cost of servicing and improves overall lifetime in the field. Unlike other drives, surveillance drives like this one are built to record or write data the majority of the time (90%), playing it back or reading the data only as needed (10%).

Working closely with its key strategic partners Hikvision and Dahua, Seagate is finding this is the ideal balance that can dramatically improve a system’s overall return on investment by optimising video content recording and playback to quickly process data and provide faster performance.

Visit Stand F1210 to learn about:

*How the video surveillance landscape is evolving and why half of the world’s data is generated through video surveillance

*Key insights from a survey of 1,100 systems integrators and IT executives on video surveillance trends and forecasts for the future

*The importance of storage and using the right drive for optimal workload efficiency

*How Surveillance HDD with Seagate Rescue enables disaster recovery solutions that deliver peace of mind to end user customers

Jump ahead with SALTO’s new product line-up

SALTO Systems is exhibiting on Stand G1800 where there’ll be a comprehensive new range of access control products and technologies offering “unrivalled usability, capability and flexibility”.

Consisting of both hardware and software, the new range builds on SALTO’s excellent reputation for the design and manufacture of wire-free and wireless access control systems used in over 90 countries by 14 million-plus individuals on a daily basis.

New JustIN technology brings real-life and flexibility to access control and makes it easy and secure to use smart phones as a part of an access control regime. The JustIN apps are two-fold. SALTO’S JustIN Mobile Key app allows users to use their BLE-enabled smart phone to securely receive their keys online, anytime and anywhere, and then access doors directly with their phone.

An alternative solution is the JustIN mSVN (mobile SALTO Virtual Network) that permits extending or changing access rights instantly and remotely Over The Air (OTA) using SALTO’s mSVN app for NFC-enabled handsets.

The new software product designated ProAccess SPACE is designed to build on the established SALTO ProAccess and HAMS software family. It’s a web-based software with an easy-to-install SQL database engine embedded inside. SPACE’s modular design has customer-specific activation codes at its centre, letting users choose and pay for just the features and functions they need now with the flexibility to upgrade accordingly at a later date as needs develop.

As it boasts a web-based interface, this means the system can be managed or operated from different workstations simultaneously without risk of database corruption. There’s no need to install the software in all operator PCs. Rather, simply install SALTO ProAccess SPACE Service in one server or computer then give access to other authorised computers inside the network.

SPACE works with Microsoft Explorer, Safari and Firefox and can be used with Windows tablets.

Joining these products is SALTO’s new range of wall readers and control units, both of which work with ProAccess SPACE. The wall reader follows the design aesthetic of the company’s latest products, and is another member of the XS4 2.0 product range. The new CU4000 control unit provides end users with the ability to control up to ten doors with just a single IP point.

To understand the full potential of SALTO’s mobile solutions and SPACE software, as well as the company’s new wall readers, controllers and GEO cylinders visit Stand G1800 for a live demo.

Advanced range of digital security cameras from Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric will showcase several recently introduced products at IFSEC International 2015, including an advanced range of digital security cameras and a new generation of compact Control Room displays designed for high reliability and zero maintenance.

Mitsubishi’s latest digital CCTV system will be highlighted on Stand D310 and consists of a new advanced network video recorder (NVR), the 5000 Series, and its 7000 Series network camera range that includes indoor box and dome types as well as an IP66-rated outdoor unit.

All cameras in the 7000 Series offer Full-HD resolution H.264 video over IP and exceptional dynamic range, enabling extremely sharp images to be obtained even in difficult lighting conditions. When used in conjunction with the 5000 Series NVR, advanced processing techniques deliver a strikingly high image quality, allowing useable evidence to be obtained even when the subject is strongly backlit or moving rapidly.

The 5000 Series NVR can power up to 16 7000 Series cameras over the network (PoE), expandable up to 32.

Mitsubishi Electric will be at IFSEC International 2015

Mitsubishi Electric will be at IFSEC International 2015

Mitsubishi Electric will also introduce its latest Control Room display systems at IFSEC International 2015. Based on Mitsubishi’s DLP rear projection technology, the new HS12 “slim cube” offers Full-HD performance in a compact, front-access format that allows it to be installed in smaller Control Rooms.

DLP technology delivers superior performance to LCD as its seamless screen surface is capable of displaying even static content continuously 24/7 with no ill-effects due to image sticking. Mitsubishi Electric’s air-cooled LED projection engine is rated for 50,000 hours (over 5.5 years) continuous operation and requires no maintenance.

Alongside the HS12 projection cube display, Mitsubishi will also feature its high-specification 55” LCD tiled display, the LM55P1, which is ideal for less demanding applications in small suites or breakout rooms.

Other products from Mitsubishi include its high-end Control Room DLP displays, the 120 Series and Seventy Series, over 70,000 of which have been installed worldwide.

Nedap introduces next generation Microwave RFID readers

Nedap, the specialist in vehicle identification and detection technology, launches TRANSIT Ultimate on Stand E1450 at IFSEC International 2015. This new long-range reader new semi-active transponders is launched as the next generation of Nedap’s RFID platform for vehicle and driver identification.

Ultimate is the successor to TRANSIT Standard, the proven long-range vehicle and driver identification reader. TRANSIT identifies vehicles and drivers at a distance of up to 10 metres and a travelling speed of up to 200 km/h (125 mph) by using semi-active (2.45 GHz) RFID technology.

TRANSIT Ultimate is purpose-built for vehicular access control in high-security applications and under heavy environmental conditions. Aside from the improved industrial antenna and housing design, the new TRANSIT Ultimate contains a second communication channel at 433 MHz that enables a wider bandwidth for communication between readers and tags.

Tag authentication using AES encryption is incorporated to help prevent cloning of tags and replay attacks.

Nedap's TRANSIT Ultimate solution

Nedap’s TRANSIT Ultimate solution

TRANSIT Ultimate offers the following new and improved features:
*Advanced antenna design
*Tag authentication based on AES encryption
*Semi-active RFID technology based on two frequencies (2.45 GHz and 433 MHz)
*Integrated Squelch Upgrade Board for read range adjustment
*Configurable three-colour LED indication
*USB interface for communication with reader
*Tamper switch for detecting changes by unauthorised individuals

By default, TRANSIT Ultimate is fully backwards-compatible with existing TRANSIT Standard installations. A variety of interfaces ensures seamless and flexible integration with third party systems designed for security, parking, logistics and general traffic applications.

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