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IDIS DC-C4212RX micro dome camera “ideal” for high-end security projects

by Brian Sims

The DC-C4212RX 2 MP micro dome camera is the latest addition to the DirectIP line-up from surveillance specialist IDIS. The compact design of the camera makes it the “best choice” for understated and less noticeable installation. Indeed, the neat aesthetics are said to be “ideal” for end user applications where there’s a need for unobtrusive surveillance, but where comprehensive, high-performance video capture is still paramount.

Measuring only 86 mm x 58 mm and weighing in at just 105 grams, the DC-C4212RX delivers advanced benefits within its lower profile and is “the right choice” for high-end locations such as jewellery shops and boutiques, as well as up-market restaurants and luxury hotels.

The DC-C4212RX offers all the key benefits that security professionals would expect from IDIS DirectIP dome cameras, including the company’s signature plug-and-play installation and configuration. The elimination of a pigtail cable allows for faster and easier deployment.

The three-axis mechanical lens enables rotation and easy angle adjustment, making it an important design feature for precise image capture, and particularly so when the camera needs to be discretely wall-mounted. This camera can also operate in a wide range of lighting conditions, delivering high performance live monitoring and playback.

Other key features include true wide dynamic range (WDR), IR LED illumination up to 15 metres with day and night ICR, dual codec H.264/H.265 performance and easy plug-and-play integration with IDIS’ ‘VA in the Box’. This cost-effective video analytics appliance delivers value-add business intelligence gained from heat mapping, people counting, queue management and comprehensive reporting.

“Our new micro dome delivers outstanding surveillance capability for end user customers,” asserted James Min, managing director of IDIS Europe. “It further strengthens our end-to-end offer for retail applications, including High Street fashion brands, boutiques, pubs and coffee shops. These are projects in which we’ve gained significant market share on a global basis.”

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