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ICO deputy commissioner Steve Wood appointed OECD’s Working Party chair

by Brian Sims

Steve Wood, deputy commissioner at the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), has been appointed chair of the OECD’s Working Party on Data Governance and Privacy. The Working Party plays an important role in the OECD’s international work to bring policy-makers together, inform future policy and develop international standards.

The Working Group’s focus areas include:

*Supporting the OECD work, including reviewing recommendations on protecting children online, promoting digital transformation and monitoring the implementation of privacy guidelines, all the while supported by Government, industry and civil society experts

*Considering measures to enhance access and sharing of data standards internationally

*Studying data protection aspects in an international context, including data portability in the context of online platforms and personal data breach notification reporting

*Providing a forum for discussion of data ethics, in the context of accountability, the risk of bias and discrimination and digital divides

*Developing practical guidance on issues like the implementation of Artificial Intelligence

Wood said: “We need to look beyond our own borders if we’re to properly protect UK citizens’ data protection rights. Encouraging a fair, prosperous and inclusive digital economy worldwide is central to that. The OECD plays a unique role in developing global policies to shape the governance and standards needed to achieve this. These privacy and data protection standards have never been more central to the digital economy and the businesses that we rely upon for so many services. This Working Group can play a vital role in shaping this agenda, and very much I look forward to working with the international membership to achieve our shared goals.”

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