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Hydrosense: “the new standard for business continuity” from Vimpex

by Brian Sims

Delivering what the company describes as “the new standard” in water leak detection, Hydrosense from Vimpex offers a solution to one of the greatest threats to business continuity: water damage. UK insurers confirm that water leakage is now the costliest and most common claim made by commercial customers, with total losses in the UK alone now approaching the £800 million mark.

The fully-configurable Hydrosense systems apply the integrity, control and reliability of life safety and building infrastructure systems to water leakage detection in order to protect those areas where water ingress could seriously damage electrical, communication and computer networks.

In operation, Hydrosense continuously monitors for water leaks around the clock, year in year out, with the facility for 72-hour battery standby in the event of power failure.

Vimpex’s life safety technology provides the reliability and integrity of BSI-approved fire detection systems, meaning that there’s virtually no risk of failure or downtime as well as significantly fewer false alarms.

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