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HRS new CEO presents ‘I AM’ strategy

by Brian Sims

Identity assured management solutions provider Human Recognition Systems (HRS), has re-appointed the company’s founder Neil Norman (pictured) as its CEO. HRS provides robust biometric security systems to the aviation, construction and oil and gas sectors through its ‘I AM'(Identity Assured Management) product suite. Neil has worked closely over the past year with predecessor John Tonkiss to develop a new strategic vision for the company. The I AM solution is built on the core functions of trusted identity, certified capability and verified access and has been developed specifically for use by the aviation, construction and oil and gas sectors. Utilising biometric technology, I AM delivers certainty of individual identification and mitigates risk for companies by ensuring that the right person, with the right skills, is working in the right place at the right time. ” 2014 represents the launch and realisation of the I AM strategy, enabling a long-held vision to bring enterprise class, biometrical-enabled, industry-focussed solutions to market,” states Neil.” As CEO I will ensure that the I AM strategy is driven primarily by the cloud-enablement of our core platforms MTrust, MSite, MFlow and MForce over the course of 2014.” John Tonkiss, who is moving on to join the Board of McCarthy & Stone and will continue to work with Neil on the future strategy of HRS, says,” I now pass over to Neil Norman whose passion and knowledge of the business will enable the realisation of the I AM Strategy.”

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