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Honeywell expands access reader offer with introduction of OmniAssure Touch

by Brian Sims

Honeywell is expanding its OmniAssure access control reader product line with the launch of the OmniAssure Touch access control solution. OmniAssure Touch provides advanced security against credential cloning and reader tampering, increases operator productivity when deploying mobile credentials and is interoperable with a range of credential technologies and panel communication protocols.

In essence, these passive intent access control readers help people access an area faster with the touch of a finger. No swiping of a card or a phone is necessary.

“Our customers want the latest in security and protection against growing credential and identity attacks,” said Frédéric Haegeman, business leader for Honeywell Commercial Security (Europe and Novar GmbH). “With OmniAssure Touch, end users benefit from advanced security and an adaptable platform that strengthens access control in their building. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive access control solution suite so that every user can identify a solution that works best for their business.”

OmniAssure Touch provides:

Ultra-secure protection: Protects against credential cloning and replay attacks thanks to technology that’s fully compliant with OSDP Secure Channel Protocol and the latest DESFire EV2 encryption standards. Readers wipe encryption and certificate data when device tampering has been detected with all form factors available with a capacitive touch keypad for two-factor authentication

Exceptional adaptability: Features hassle-free, user-friendly mobile credential capabilities that eliminate the need to present a phone to the reader. There’s easy migration from legacy prox to smart and mobile technologies. Reader settings may be configured in the field via mobile app

Comprehensive solution: Saves time by deploying mobile credentials directly through Honeywell’s WIN-PAK, WINMAG and Pro-Watch integrated security suites, revokes mobile credentials in real-time and transforms the way in which people interact with their building using the Honeywell Vector Occupant App

Easy to configure: Leverages the Honeywell Utility App which allows security installers to configure the readers in the field or wherever they use the app, thereby making installation and configuration easier and faster

OmniAssure Touch is ideally suited for enterprise and critical infrastructure environments across a wide variety of industries including defence, education, pharmaceuticals, the utilities and the financial world.

The Honeywell suite of OmniAssure readers incorporates smart card technology to manage access control, logical (PC) access, the storage of biometric templates, parking, ePurse and many other applications requiring reliable read/write cards.

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