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Home Secretary grants further funding to support “transformational” policing projects

by Brian Sims

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has now awarded more than £26 million in funding over the next three years to support 28 policing projects specifically designed to help transform the police service for the future. Fiscal backing through the Police Transformation Fund is granted by way of a police-led bidding process.

“The Police Transformation Fund is a real opportunity for police leaders and Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) to transform policing for the future, and respond to the changing nature of crime,” stated the Home Secretary. “I’m delighted that more than £60 million has been awarded to groundbreaking and collaborative projects in 2016 alone.”

Rudd continued: “Already, we’ve seen funds used to expand innovative graduate schemes as well as support national initiatives to tackle the scourge of modern slavery. These latest projects cover everything from cutting-edge approaches to reducing crime through to digital projects that will help to promote diversity in policing.”

This latest batch of monetary support from Westminster will underpin the following projects:

*£1.9 million worth of funding for the College of Policing to ensure police officers are comprehensively trained to support vulnerable people

*more than £5.9 million of funding across two years to create a joint forensics and biometrics programme (this national piece of work, led by Dorset Police, will reduce the time taken to provide DNA results to forces for the purposes of investigations)

*over £1 million across three years has been awarded to Nottinghamshire Police to set up a National Business Crime Reduction Hub that will address business crime in a more consistent way in the UK (this will be a new shared capability designed to co-ordinate activity in order to respond to the evolving crime threat to businesses)

*£2.3 million worth of funding to support a series of bids developed by the Police ICT Company and the Police Technology Council for the Police Reform Transformation Board that will benefit all forces once implemented (this includes cloud services specifically to access local, regional and national information and the delivery of a more efficient and effective service)

*£2 million to scope and design the delivery of a national policing data analytics lab that will transform the way forces collate and use data to help tackle complex policing problems, better protect the public and prevent crime

*£450,000 has been awarded to the Metropolitan Police Service and the College of Policing, working in collaboration with forces across the UK, to design a fit-for-purpose Recruitment Assessment Centre in order to help encourage a more diverse and dynamic workforce

Brandon Lewis, the Minister for Policing and the Fire Service, explained: “We want to finish the job of police reform and, through schemes such as the Police Transformation Fund, it’s clear that forces can collaborate on innovative solutions to address complex policing problems.”

Overall, the second round of bids from the Police Transformation Fund awarded £40 million to projects including bids commissioned by the police-led Police Reform and Transformation Board. This includes recently-announced funding to tackle modern slavery and expand the ‘Police Now’ graduate recruitment scheme.

During the summer, the Home Secretary awarded £23 million in funding to support a range of different projects in the first round of bidding.

Set up as part of the Spending Review in 2015, the Police Transformation Fund is designed to allocate extra investment to continue the job of reform and shape policing for the future. PCCs and chief constable representatives sit on the Board alongside senior leaders in policing, with the final decisions on bids made by the Home Secretary.

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