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Hochiki Europe’s LEAKalarm provides “fast and reliable” water leak detection system for buildings

by Brian Sims

Life safety solutions specialist Hochiki Europe has brought an innovative new moisture detection system to the market, allowing building owners to identify leaks quickly and minimise the risk of water damage to their properties.

If not managed effectively, water leaks can severely impact a business by disrupting IT networks, damaging electronic equipment and stock or even the fabric of the building. The issue is the most common commercial insurance claim, costing markets around the world billions each year.

Hochiki Europe has developed LEAKalarm to provide fast and reliable leak detection over a vast area. The product is fully addressable and can be programmed to suit a range of applications. The system uses water-sensitive cables and point detection-style floor probes connected via input/output (I/O) modules to a central specialised control panel, which can be remotely monitored via a building management system. This ensures that building maintenance personnel can locate and remedy leaks with greater efficiency and minimise any potential losses for owners.

LEAKalarm is supplied as a single loop addressable panel, but can be expanded to two loops through the use of an extra loop card. A single loop panel accommodates up to 127 addressable I/O modules, each with two addressable outputs. This amounts to 254 probes or 12,700 metres of cable on a single loop panel and 508 probes or 25,400 metres of cable on a dual loop panel. This equates to “more coverage than the majority of other water detection systems available on the market”.

The new product also features remote indicators and voice sounders to visually and audibly notify building owners of any issues of concern. In the event of a mains power failure, LEAKalarm will continue to operate for up to 72 hours using its stand-by batteries.

David Brown, product manager at Hochiki Europe, commented: “Even a seemingly minor water leak can result in major cost and disruption for a business, and especially so in those which are heavily reliant on electrical systems. Data Centre outages, for example, cost companies an average of £12,000 per minute of downtime. LEAKalarm gives building managers early and reliable moisture detection using powerful cause and effect technology, helping to ensure that water in the wrong places can be identified as quickly as possible.”

With additional add-on accessories including zone breaker cables, fixing clips and a mains isolator switch, LEAKalarm is adaptable to a wide range of applications and environments including marine, healthcare, warehousing, communications centres and utilities infrastructure.

*To find out more about LEAKalarm visit: www.hochikieurope.com/leakalarm

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