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Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet WAVE integrated with BlueBox’s video wall controllers

by Brian Sims

The technology partnership established between BlueBox Video and Hanwha Techwin means that images captured by Wisenet Full-HD, ultra-HD, 4K and 360 degree ‘fisheye’ cameras can now be cost-effectively displayed on and across a video wall, as well as on a desktop PC monitor.

The successful integration of the Wisenet WAVE video management software (VMS) with professional-grade video wall controllers manufactured by BlueBox Video provides an affordable Control Room solution for a wide range of applications including education campuses, hospitality, transport and construction, as well as the Emergency Services.

BlueBox Video wall controllers are specifically designed to meet the high performance demands of a multi-camera video surveillance system. Using low power, high-density processing, the controllers are able to accelerate the decoding of H264, H265, MJPEG and MPEG2 compression releasing traditional CPU methods for any further encoded formats.

With three appliances in the BlueBox Video range, Control Room managers have the option to choose video wall configurations in either true or ultra-HD output models. Set-up is made easy with the help of an installation wizard.

The 2u and 3u rack-mounted form factors minimise appliance footprint, while total cost of ownership is further reduced through a typical power consumption of around 120 W.

“After an extensive evaluation of the BlueBox Video controllers in a testing process, our product management team was able to conclude that we could confidently recommend them to system integrators who are looking to supply Control Rooms with a robust and affordable video wall solution,” explained Uri Guterman, head of product and marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe. “As a result, we’ve worked closely with the BlueBox Video technical team to develop a simple Wisenet WAVE accelerated plug-in which ensures transparent interaction between our VMS and the video wall controllers.”

Richard Lince of BlueBox Video added: “After 25 years in the video wall industry we’re unaware of a more powerful, affordable and simplified surveillance solution. Through the client WAVE application, operators can directly control video streams, ‘fisheye’ de-warping parameters and archived video content in real-time across the entire video wall.”

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