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G4S introduces “groundbreaking” TravelAware app to “revolutionise” business travel safety

by Brian Sims
The G4S TravelAware app protects and informs business travellers by way of location tracking and incident alerts

The G4S TravelAware app protects and informs business travellers by way of location tracking and incident alerts

Global security solutions provider G4S has launched the G4S TravelAware app, badged by the company as a “groundbreaking” security tool specifically designed to inform business travellers across the globe on risk and security-related issues.

TravelAware will “revolutionise” the way in which organisations protect their employees by providing business travellers with critical and reliable, location-specific security information through a smart phone app. For their part, managers have access to precise tracking information on all app users in real-time.

Through a dedicated online portal and via the app, TravelAware enables detailed two-way communication, in turn making sure that company employees and managers are connected and informed at all times.

In the event an employee should find themselves at risk, the system automatically alerts the management team of the app user’s situation and provides the critical information and tools needed to co-ordinate an effective response.

Swedish partner Global Warning System demonstrated the effectiveness of its patented technology during the Fukushima tsunami of 2011. App users received an SMS alert about the tsunami 47 minutes before it hit the east coast of Japan: a clear demonstration of how early warning alerts can save lives.

The solution is supported by G4S’ Global Intelligence System which combines analysis and advanced data mining technology to keep business travellers fully informed of potential risk and security scenarios.

For its part, G4S’ team of risk experts benefits from unique access to ground truth intelligence from employees operational in over 100 countries.

Opportunities in emerging markets

The technology behind TravelAware brings location-specific incident alerts to business travellers in real-time

The technology behind TravelAware brings location-specific incident alerts to business travellers in real-time

More companies than ever are seeking opportunities in emerging markets, yet one-in-three have limited knowledge regarding how long it would take to locate their overseas employees should an incident occur.

In addition, over two thirds of companies admit they could not locate their travelling employees within an hour of a major incident.

G4S TravelAware has been developed to addresses these very challenges.

Anne Tiedemann, managing director at G4S Risk Consulting, informed Risk UK: “Employees travelling to remote locations or outside of the usual tourist infrastructure absolutely must be prepared. Their employers must know exactly where these employees are should an incident occur.”

Tiedemann added: “TravelAware will completely change the way in which companies approach the safety of their travelling employees. The unique technology brings location-specific incident alerts to travellers in real-time. Employees are safeguarded wherever they may be and, should the worst happen, employers have the information they need to make sure their employees are directed towards safe areas.”

The TravelAware app and portal are part of G4S’ suite of travel risk management services, designated G4S TravelAware, the solutions within which cater for all travel security needs – from bespoke pre-travel training and journey management through to close protection and emergency response.

G4S wins security contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan

G4S Risk Management has just won a new three-year contract to provide security services to the Basra Gas Company (BGC). The $187 million programme begins in January 2016 with the potential exercising of a two-year extension option bringing the total contract value to $270 million.

G4S Group's CEO Ashley Almanza

G4S Group’s CEO Ashley Almanza

BGC operates several assets including two gas plants, numerous compressor stations, a marine shipping terminal, an LPG storage terminal and all the pipelines inbetween.

In point of fact, BGC captures and transports gas from the oil fields of West Qurna 1, North Rumaila, South Rumaila and Zubair. This is the largest gas project in Iraq’s history and the world’s largest gas flares reduction project.

G4S Risk Management has also successfully renewed a contract to provide security services for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Afghanistan across the next three years. Including a two-year extension option, this contract realises a total value of £100 million.

Under the contract, G4S will provide close protection for British diplomats, attached personnel and officials travelling within Afghanistan as well as security at the British Embassy.

Speaking about these new deals, G4S Group CEO Ashley Almanza commented: “Our Risk Management and Risk Consulting businesses deliver high quality services. We’re delighted to have been entrusted by both the Basra Gas Company and the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office to provide these important services. Indeed, these major contract wins reflect G4S’ world class expertise and investment in sophisticated security services for our customers.”

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