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G4S Cash Solutions launches new Cash Collection service and online ordering portal

by Brian Sims
Cash45 is G4S Cash Solutions' latest cash management solution for businesses

Cash45 is G4S Cash Solutions’ latest cash management solution for businesses

G4S Cash Solutions has launched its latest cash collection service. Aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, the Cash45 service provides a secure, less disruptive way to bank daily takings with all services ordered via a simple-to-use online ordering and payment portal.

The Cash45 service is specifically designed for those businesses with cash taking levels in line with a maximum cash banking requirement of up to £4,500 in one transaction.

The service is booked using a simple online ordering portal: www.g4scashcollections.com.

Customers can register and pick their most convenient service slot in a matter of minutes, and the user may then track and manage their services all at the click of a button.

Cash45 offers customers a discreet cash collection service with subtle G4S branding, all designed to minimise attention and disruption at customers’ premises.

The new cash collection service will help provide smaller and medium-sized businesses with a more secure environment for customers and staff alike, as well as cutting business banking costs and, crucially, providing them with more time to devote to their own business and customers by avoiding the time consumed by daily visits to the bank.

Cost-effective and flexible solution

Duncan Faithfull, strategy and innovation director at G4S Cash Solutions, commented: “Our new Cash45 collection service is set to revolutionise the world of cash collections. We’ve listened carefully to the requirements of our customers and designed a new service that provides an innovative solution specifically configured with the needs of the smaller and medium-sized business in mind.”

Faithfull added: “The service provides a cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses wishing to bank their hard earned money in a safe and efficient manner and, crucially, with minimal disruption to their day-to-day business, all ordered via a simple-to-use intuitive online ordering system.”

*For further information visit: www.g4scashcollections.com

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