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Frozen goods protected by RF temperature alert

by Brian Sims

Musgrave Retail Partners, a convenience store franchiser and food wholesaler, has installed SecureTemp, the RF temperature alert solution from SecureSeal Systems. SecureTemp provides Musgrave with a way to protect frozen inventory in transit between temporary cold stores and three distribution centres located across the UK. Technology provides the ability to wirelessly monitor temperatures down to -25C at distances of up to 800 metres. The SecureTemp display-receiver provides Musgrave’s control rooms with a large display of current and historical temperature and a range of visual and audible alerts should critical temperature thresholds be breached. ” Reading sensors over such significant distance without hard-wiring is a technical challenge that our latest 868MHz technology is designed to achieve,” comments Ron Dimelow, SecureSeal Systems Project Manager.” By providing real-time data, graphical history and alerts to the on-site management team, Musgrave can ensure their frozen stores are 100 per cent protected.”

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