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Forensic codes meet PAS specification

by Brian Sims

SmartWater has announced that the forensic codes used within its marking solutions have been awarded ‘Grade A External’ classification under the PAS 820:2012 specification. The document is published by the BSI, but was commissioned and sponsored by SmartWater itself. The document applies only to the coded element of a forensic marking system, rather than the entire marking system. The PAS (Publicly Available Specification) 820:2012 tests the robustness of forensic codes used within forensic coding products when exposed to artificial weathering, simulating either indoor or outdoor conditions. The specification carries six classifications, three each for internal and external application of forensic marking codes, indicating their expected lifespan as being up to six months, two years or five years. These are rated on a Grade A to C system, with Grade A representing the longest functional test life. PAS 820:2012 was developed as a way for those seeking a forensic code-based system to independently assess the suitability and robustness of the code elements of products. The standard relates to the ability of the code element to be read and analysed. It does not apply to how the system functions. PAS 820:2012 is a voluntary specification.

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