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FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 8000i fixed dome cameras from Bosch “deliver clear advantages” for end users

by Brian Sims

Bosch continues to apply the latest technology to advance the performance of its security devices and deliver clear advantages for end users and installers. This is typified by the launch of the company’s new FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 8000i fixed dome cameras, which provide clear benefits from the outset by enabling simple installation and remote wireless commissioning, detailed image capture in challenging light conditions and data analysis for improved security and the delivery of business insights.

The FLEXIDOME’s product concept simplifies the entire process from pre-configuration and installation through to commissioning. It saves up to 75% of the time required to ensure that network cameras are up-and-running. Installing the FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 8000i cameras is easy. The FLEXIDOME’s product concept enables set-up in only three convenient steps: installing the mounting bracket, connecting the cables and attaching the camera module. This concept simplifies installation such that it’s considerably faster to complete than ever before.

It’s also possible to use patch cables without removing the connectors thanks to the patent-pending grommet design. An additional advantage is that the risk of dust and dirt ingress is eliminated since the camera module now remains sealed throughout the entire installation and configuration process thanks to the remote wireless commissioning functionality added by Bosch.

The remote wireless configuration and commissioning functionality of the FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 8000i range enables installers to work smarter. Currently when commissioning, installers have to repeatedly climb up and down ladders or hire lift equipment to reach cameras at high levels. With this camera, commissioning can be conducted on a completely wireless basis. A wireless contactable tablet or smart phone with the Bosch Project Assistant app can be used to adjust the pan, tilt, roll and zoom in order to set the required field of view without touching the camera or lens. Should any adjustments be required post-installation (eg for new store layouts or altered high-risk zones), these can also be carried our remotely after a secure release process to save time, effort and resources.

Video analytics enabled through Camera Trainer

A key point of difference in all FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 8000i cameras is the built-in intelligent video analytics with Camera Trainer functionality. It’s the next step in the development of video analytics and introduces machine learning to Bosch cameras. The Camera Trainer enables system integrators to customise Bosch’s built-in video analytics to detect objects or situations that matter most to their customers. This fits perfectly with today’s market as there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to protecting people and property or delivering data for business intelligence.

The ability to identify new user-defined objects with more precision (eg people walking with a shopping trolley) and situations can be easily combined with the existing pre-determined alarm rules and object filters of Bosch cameras’ built-in intelligent video analytics for added flexibility and accuracy. It substantially improves the level of security for people and property, but also opens up new customised applications and uses.

For example, the separation of vehicles clustered together in front of traffic lights, regardless of movement or how long a vehicle has been parked in a bay. With Camera Trainer, video cameras can be taught to recognise and detect stationary objects or certain situations instead of being triggered by motion alone.

Image detail in challenging lighting conditions

Higher resolutions and frame rates, better dynamic range and light sensitivity are vital for capturing images that can distinguish individuals or objects for irrefutable evidence. A key feature of the new FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 8000i range is that Bosch’s Starlight technology is built-in as a standard, regardless of resolution. This means that all FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 8000i models – HD 1080p, 6 MP and the 4K Ultra HD resolution models – provide exceptional detail even in low-light situations. Fast-moving objects are easily captured with frame rates of up to 60 fps, while High Dynamic Ranges of up to 134 dB compensate for dark and bright spots in the scene.

Complemented by a water resistance of IP66, high quality, dual-layer coating for added protection against corrosion, vandal resistance of IK10+ and an operating temperature range of -50 to +60 degrees Celsius, the new, robust FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 8000i range is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

The new FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 8000i range delivers a game-changing concept for installation, as well as remote configuration and commissioning. It introduces the next step in built-in video analytics by offering machine learning capabilities to train the cameras to further improve security and offer new business opportunities.

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