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First UK companies attain ‘Gates Gold’ scheme approval from National Security Inspectorate

by Brian Sims
Left to Right: Peter Granville (Broadsword Security Services), Paul Beck (A1 Security Systems Ltd), Steve Broughton (Autogate Systems Ltd), Richard Jenkins (CEO, NSI) and Stephen Winter (Tremorfa Ltd)

Left to Right: Peter Granville (Broadsword Security Services), Paul Beck (A1 Security Systems Ltd), Steve Broughton (Autogate Systems Ltd), Richard Jenkins (CEO, NSI) and Stephen Winter (Tremorfa Ltd)

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) has just announced the first companies to be approved under its ‘Gates Gold’ Scheme following the initiative’s launch by the specialist certification body at IFSEC International in June. With a number of tragic accidents occurring in recent years as a result of a shortfall in safety standards, four UK companies are now leading the way in their commitment to powered gate safety.

A1 Security Systems Ltd (of Petersfield), Autogate Systems Ltd (Bolton), Broadsword Security Services (Chipping Norton) and Tremorfa Ltd (of Cardiff) are the first companies to achieve the prestigious ‘Gates Gold’ approval from the NSI. Representatives from the four companies were presented with their Certificates of Approval by the NSI’s CEO Richard Jenkins at Fencex 2016, which took place at Stonleigh Park in Warwickshire on 12 October.

Stephen Winter, physical security specialist at Tremorfa Ltd, explained to Risk UK: “The NSI is widely regarded as the best certification body in the security industry, which is why Tremorfa jumped at the chance to become one of the first companies to be accredited to the excellent ‘Gates Gold’ Scheme. Achieving such a prestigious accreditation has added significant value to our company, and offers our customers the reassurance that Tremorfa operates to the highest standards within our industry.”

Peter Granville, partner at Broadsword Security Services, added: “I’m proud to have been part of the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) and NSI pilot programme, and also proud of the fact that our company has now achieved NSI Gold accreditation. We now have processes in place against which to audit, ensuring full compliance of our powered gate installations and that we can contribute towards making powered gates safe for the future.”

Steve Broughton, sales director for Autogate Systems Ltd, observed: “Achieving ‘Gates Gold’ approval with the NSI sends out a clear message to our customers that safety and quality is of the utmost importance to us. We consider the NSI Gates Scheme, which draws upon the DHF’s Code of Practice TS 011, to be the way forward for the powered gate sector. We hope that, by achieving this award, it will encourage other companies to follow suit.”

Paul Beck of A1 Security Systems Ltd outlined: “NSI ‘Gates Gold’ approval demonstrates our commitment to quality and safety when it comes to powered gate solutions. It will provide reassurance to our customers that they’re receiving the best possible products and services. I’ve been hoping for regulation in this sector for years, and I’m delighted that the DHF and the NSI have been working together to establish a Code of Practice and certification scheme which brings real credibility to the sector.”

Technical competence and continual improvement

The NSI’s Gates certification scheme is tailored to professional installers and maintainers of powered gates and barriers. ‘Gates Gold’ approval (involving regular audits by the NSI at a company’s premises and site inspections in the field) demonstrates both an organisation’s technical competence, and also its ongoing commitment to the continual improvement of its management processes and procedures through the operation of a Quality Management System to ISO 9001 standards.

The NSI and the DHF worked closely over two years to develop the DHF Code of Practice TS 011:2016 for the Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance of Powered Gates and Traffic Barriers, which sits at the heart of the NSI Gates approval scheme. Bearing in mind the tragic accidents that have occurred in the UK and Ireland (to date there have been nine deaths and many accidents), the benefits of a specific sector Code of Practice encapsulating all of the mandatory Health and Safety and legal requirements, national and international standards and a certification scheme which can independently demonstrate an organisation’s compliance has never been more pertinent.

The collaborative efforts made by the NSI and the DHF to help confine powered gate accidents to the history books have been formally recognised, with the two organisations being announced only recently as joint finalists in the Best Contribution to Standards in the Security Sector category at this year’s prestigious Security and Fire Excellence Awards, with the awards ceremony taking place in central London on Wednesday 23 November.

NSI CEO Richard Jenkins stated: “We’re delighted to be able to announce the first four NSI ‘Gates Gold’-approved companies. We are extremely grateful to them all for supporting and championing this groundbreaking certification scheme which is based on the comprehensive DHF Code of Practice. It demonstrates to their customers their commitment to state-of-the-art powered gate installations maintained to the highest levels of safety and security and independently verified as being so.”

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