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FIREX International 2015: What’s in store for end user visitors to ExCeL London?

by Brian Sims
VAD23 is the latest fire safety solution from Vimpex

VAD23 is the latest fire safety solution from Vimpex

Vimpex, Kentec, Fireco, FFE, Geofire and Eaton are among the many exhibitors attending FIREX International 2015, which runs at ExCeL London from 16-18 June. Risk UK examines the raft of new solutions that will be on display.

The new Vimpex VAD23 range of EN54-23 visual alarm devices (or VADs) will be the key focus on the company’s stand at Firex International. VAD23 is an “extremely versatile” family of products with devices available for both wall and ceiling mounting and models that combine either a traditional electronic sounder or a voice sounder with a low current EN54-23 rated VAD.

The WMBS wall-mounted VAD is fully compatible with the popular Excel range of sounders and beacons. The VAD23 devices are fully specified, delivering excellent light coverage, significant installation cost savings and flexible solutions for both designers and end users.

Vimpex’s commitment to EN54-approved products extends to the Fire-Cryer Plus voice sounder, which is now approved to EN54-3 and remains one of the most versatile and intelligible voice sounders available on the market.

Alongside these products, visitors to Stand D142 at FIREX International will see the new Smart+Guard series of call point protective covers from Sigma Fire & Security. Exclusively available to the UK trade direct from Vimpex, this exciting new product has come to market via a strategic partnership with Sigma.

Smart+Guard is a tough polycarbonate hinged protective cover that can easily be installed over a range of call points, emergency switches and other devices in order to provide protection from vandalism, accidental damage or misuse.

Also on show at ExCeL London will be Vimpex’s wide range of alarm and evacuation products, among them fire alarm sounders and voice sounders, bells, call points, PSUs, door holders, water leak detection systems, photo-luminescent life safety signage and fire alarm accessories.

Kentec’s new levels of innovation on display at FIREX International

Stand E120 at London’s ExCeL affords the perfect opportunity for fire detection and alarm control product manufacturer Kentec Electronics to showcase its extensive EN, UL and FM, marine, analogue, conventional and extinguishant ranges of fire control panel solutions.

The company’s Syncro, Sigma and Elite ranges of EN and UL-listed products – “designed for the widest and most demanding range of applications” – will be on show together with a range of site-specific special application fire control panels, all custom engineered by Kentec to deliver turnkey fire system solutions for end users.

Kentec's Syncro, Sigma and Taktis solutions

Kentec’s Syncro, Sigma and Taktis solutions

In addition, there will be live product demonstrations of the all-new Taktis product range of fire alarm control equipment as well as the new Syncro XT+ addressable extinguishing panel.

For its part, Taktis combines the very latest hardware and software to produce a control and indication system that’s both “powerful and sophisticated” yet simple to use and understand for the host organisation.

Kentec states that the flexibility of the Taktis platform means the system may be re-configured to realise many other control and indication applications with direct integration into intelligent buildings.

Fireco set to exhibit Freedor

Fireco – the supplier of “simple and trusted” solutions for common fire safety problems – will also be exhibiting at FIREX International 2015, where the company is resident on Stand F190 betwen 16-18 June.

The business is set to showcase its overhead fire door closer designated Freedor, which makes opening a heavy fire door “effortless”. This solution allows end users to place fire doors open at any angle, with Freedor automatically closing on the sound of the alarm.

Wireless and quick to install, Freedor affords system installers’ businesses an edge. With an already strong demand for Freedor in the installer market, the team at Fireco will be highlighting how their solutions allow projects to be carried out on a swift basis and bring in additional business thanks to continual support.

Freedor also benefits the end user as it provides ease of access, improves ventilation and helps premises remain safe and compliant with current fire regulations.

The Fireco team is offering FIREX International visitors the opportunity to watch live demonstrations of Freedor on each day of the show.

Fast cars and new patents: it’s all happening for FFE

2015 has already been a busy year for fire safety specialist FFE. Not only are the company’s Talentum flame detectors being installed in Bloodhound, the world’s fastest car, but the business has also been awarded a patent for its “ground-breaking” light cancellation technology housed in Fireray beam smoke detectors.

End users are encouraged to visit Stand H160 and find out more detail.

FFE is exhibiting at FIREX International 2015

FFE is exhibiting at FIREX International 2015

The jet-powered Bloodhound will attempt to break the existing land speed record of 763 mph later on this year and then break the 1,000 mph barrier in 2016. As can be expected, safety is paramount for these ventures. On that basis, FFE is delighted that its Talentum flame detectors have been selected for this rather special vehicle.

As for the light cancellation technology, this works by actively monitoring ambient light levels on the Fireray detector, ‘subtracting’ them from the ‘real’ signal. This then allows the detector to work under the most difficult of light conditions, including strong sunlight, sodium lamps and fluorescent lighting.

“At FFE it’s very much the case that our customers’ needs drive our R&D,” explained the company’s managing director Mark Osborne in conversation with Risk UK. “Through this R&D, we’re constantly bringing forward the kind of technologies selected by Bloodhound and that, importantly, are not baffled by the sun.”

More wire-free ‘listen and learn’ fire safety innovation at Geofire

Visitors to fire technology specialist Geofire’s Stand E80 at FIREX International will benefit from a sneak preview of the latest addition to the company’s highly successful Agrippa acoustic range – a new Agrippa Pillow Alarm.

The Agrippa ‘listen and learn’ technology, also available in the door holder and closer, is being used to alert deaf or hard of hearing people if a fire alarm sounds while they’re sleeping.

Geofire will have its Agrippa Pillow Alarm on display

Geofire will have its Agrippa Pillow Alarm on display

The Agrippa Pillow Alarm is a battery-powered, wire-free unit with a pad attachment that simply resides under a pillow. It uses ‘listen and learn’ digital wire-free technology that listens for the unique sound of a specific fire alarm. If the fire alarm sounds the pillow pad vibrates, high intensity LED lights flash and an LCD screen displays ‘fire’. As it’s compact and portable, this solution may be moved around a building as and when required.

Product design conserves battery power, with an expected battery life of up to two years. Visual warning of low battery and radio signal fault is included as standard.

Geofire’s wire-free Agrippa range comprises a digital door ‘swing-free’ closer and door holder. Both products were developed by Geofire’s team of fire safety product experts to address many of the historic problems associated with wire-free fire door holders and closers.

The Agrippa acoustic and magnetic fire door holder is designed to be mounted behind a given door at either floor level or at the top of the door, while the Agrippa fire door closer is designed as an overhead, battery-powered acoustic ‘swing-free’ door closer.

All products in the Agrippa range use Geofire’s advanced digital technology that uniquely ‘listens (to) and learns’ the sound of a specific fire alarm. This ensures the device’s release action is triggered only in reaction to the precise and characteristic sound of the fire alarm rather than extraneous loud noises. That being so, false activations are virtually eliminated.

Eaton leads the way for safer evacuation systems

Power management specialist Eaton will provide advice on evacuation technology and Best Practice during IFSEC and FIREX International 2015 as part of the company’s drive to help improve safety standards in commercial buildings. Visitors to the co-located shows will have an opportunity to experience Eaton’s comprehensive range of life safety solutions installed into simulations of real-life applications.

The company’s key focus is to help building owners and managers understand the strategies and systems that must be in place to promote safe evacuation in the event of an emergency scenario. Visitors to Stand G180-200 will be shown the latest technology that can support regulatory compliance and the protection of people, property and business operations against the potentially catastrophic impact of a life safety emergency.

Eaton is exhibiting its many fire safety solutions for end users on Stand G180-200

Eaton is exhibiting its many fire safety solutions for end users on Stand G180-200

John Robb – segment manager for commercial buildings in the EMEA region at Eaton – explained: “Businesses have a moral and legal obligation to ensure life safety, which not only means having the right systems in place on site but also ensuring those systems are properly maintained such that, if the worst should happen, they switch into action. It’s a complicated area of concern, but as an organisation with vast expertise across many areas of safety, we can help businesses understand their obligations and meet them in a way that’s both cost-effective and tailored to how a given building is structured and used. We work as a partner to make sure that the right solutions are installed and maintained. In this way, people, property and business continuity are all protected.”

New Eaton products on show at ExCeL include the CGLine+, an intelligent and cost-effective monitoring system for emergency lighting that runs regular tests to ensure they’re in full working order (as required by law). Also on display will be a range of conventional and addressable visual alarm devices (VADs) that comply with the recently-introduced EN54-23 standard. The new VADs will be among a range of fire notification devices connected to both addressable and conventional control panels offered by Eaton. These solutions will help end user professionals select the solution that best serves their budget, building size and operational considerations, not to mention satisfy the regulatory requirements that can differ between countries and global regions.

Alongside fire detection and notification systems will be mass notification solutions, including Eaton’s Emergency Evacuation System, a distributed Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) system designed for the fast evacuation of a building. Mains and emergency lighting will also be on the stand and visitors will have the opportunity to view Eaton’s Micropoint 2 high output, a recessed IP20 LED emergency luminaire designed specifically to provide a higher light level for specific locations and high risk task areas.

In addition, power management technologies along with access control and intrusion detection make a vital contribution to the safety of buildings and will be available to view on Eaton’s stand, where the company is to showcase its new two-wire fire system. Designated ‘BiWire Ultra’, this product delivers significant savings in both cable and installation costs by allowing detection and alarm circuits to share the same cable.

New technologies and changing regulatory requirements

The evolution of new technologies and changing regulatory requirements on the global stage have presented business owners, facilities managers/end users, specifiers, consultants, installers and system integrators with a new set of challenges to overcome in choosing how best to ensure life safety in both new and existing buildings.

At FIREX International, experts from Eaton will be on hand to discuss the development of tailored solutions. Drawing from its vast experience and insight into the life safety market, Eaton now offers an array of systems and devices that can be configured to meet specific needs across varied industries and applications.

The combination of detection, notification and control is at the core of Eaton’s life safety offering, and all solutions are designed with ease of installation, maintenance and daily use as high priorities.

Being scalable, modular and backwards-compatible, components can be configured within complete solutions that optimise safety as well as energy efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Highlighting the importance of ongoing technical support, Eaton’s experts at FIREX International will be equipped with the necessary resources and sample equipment allowing them to discuss individual challenges, the potential of a safer future and also demonstrate the versatility of the business’ approach to fire safety.

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