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Everbridge launches Visual Command Centre for European customer base

by Brian Sims

For the first time, European organisations will be able to take advantage of Everbridge’s Visual Command Centre (VCC) software, delivering unparalleled automated situational awareness and risk resilience in a single, integrated view.

Designed to enable enterprises to better prepare for, communicate and manage escalating critical events, Everbridge CEM combines a suite of applications that support a closed loop approach: ‘Assess, Locate, Act and Analyse’. The powerful orchestration capabilities of the CEM platform proactively assess threats to an organisation’s core assets, correlate the risk posed by those threats as they unfold, automatically shrink the time to respond and take action and minimise the risk to the business.

The Visual Command Centre software will enable European and multinational businesses to gain enhanced situational awareness of threats relating to employees, physical assets and their supply chain from data stores held either in the UK or Germany and be assured of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and data privacy regulations.

“Our business customers rely on us to furnish them with a comprehensive, end-to-end operating environment that reduces and, in many cases, eliminates their exposure to risk,” said Imad Mouline, CTO at Everbridge. “However, adding the Visual Command Centre software allows them to see powerful visualisations with critical information very quickly, gain a greater understanding of their risk profile and reduce the time to act. In any emergency situation, whether it’s an IT failure, disruption to the supply chain or a cyber security incident, this is essential.”

Everbridge’s CEM platform provides a wide array of risk intelligence data that includes threat, reference and contextual feeds from a variety of public, partner and proprietary sources.

Visualisations and user experiences

Visualisations and user experiences include the following:

*A full complement of integrated risk event data sources including general safety and security, terrorism, transportation, civil unrest, crime and the weather

*Contextual data sources to assist operators with workflow including weather overlays, live traffic cameras, traffic flow conditions and geo-tagged social media feeds

*Reference data sources including airport locations, critical infrastructure and geopolitical borders

*Time, search and spatial queries and filtering with ‘Export to Excel’ for ease of use

As a result, companies across Europe will be able to:

*Feed dynamic location data from access control systems, travel management solutions, Wi-Fi access points and other sources using Everbridge’s Safety Connection solution directly into VCC to enable location-aware intelligence for employees and other stakeholders

*Automatically alert and stream live video to the VCC when Everbridge mobile app users signal SOS or where a lone worker employee misses a Safe Corridor check-in (whereby the system is configured to ‘check-in’ on the individual at set intervals around a particular job or route to ensure their safety)

*Embed Everbridge’s Incident Communications solution to provide seamless multi-modal communication and a summary of response to contacts affected by critical events. Incidents can be initiated using the company’s Crisis Management product workflow

Management of asset data

As part of its next generation platform, Everbridge’s VCC includes an Admin Console, where business customers can upload and manage their asset data, configure VCC data feeds, set Alert rules and permissions to manage access to data and set Incident Communications integration preferences. The Admin Console provides full self-service capabilities for the end user customer.

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