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Euralarm presents PEARS concept

by Brian Sims

Euralarm recently participated in the Archimedes Round Table discussion on Crisis Management and Civil Protection. The association of European manufacturers, installers and service providers of the electronic fire safety and security industry presented its PEARS project and the way the project supports in sharing data in the emergency management process. The focus topic of the recent Archimedes round table (Warsaw) was to identify gaps for efficient and effective operations of crisis management and civil protection. Beside several project reports, the experiences from a simulation game were used to stimulate an intensive discussions between the R&D community (e.g. Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurement, Université Catholique de Louvain, Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection) and end users (e.g. firefighters Dortmund, Spanish National Police, crisis information centre). These discussions showed that sharing data/information in the emergency management process is of vital importance for efficient operations. This is in line with the results of the PEARS project and the first ideas about a” European Emergency Communication” from the fire section of Euralarm. Thorsten Ziercke, Euralarm’s project leader PEARS took the opportunity to present the PEARS-Alert4All concept. The project has learned that fire and security products not only can but also should be integrated into public alert systems. The extensive installed base could be easily upgraded to receive alert signals which could be utilised to activate audible and/or visual warnings. More sophisticated systems can convert public alert messages into intelligible voice messages or display the same message on PCs. Integrating existing safety and security systems into a public alert scenario could be a cost effective and rapid alternative to reach large parts of the population. Since the first presentation of the concept in October 2013 the PEARS-Alert4All concept received positive feedback. End users such as firefighters, police organisations and crisis information centres were invited by the Euralarm project leader to contribute to the standardisation groups CEN TC 391 and ISO TC 223 that are looking for experts from civil protection to make their standards even better.

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