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Enhanced PSIM software platform

by Brian Sims

VidSys has released version 7.5 of its PSIM software platform to provide increased flexibility and customisation for an” enriched” experience for both administrators and security operators. The updated features” including mapping enhancements, advanced search capabilities and other operational enhancements” will help users more easily manage and respond to events, allowing for better situation management and improved response times. Offering geocoding, the VidSys PSIM software 7.5 offers enables operators to identify locations of interest based on address look-up for faster situational awareness. In addition, users now have the ability to create shared global or private salvos for real-time collaboration between multiple users or agencies. Michael P. Jackson, chairman and CEO, VidSys says:” For operators and first responders, having actionable information is of utmost importance when identifying and resolving security situations. With that in mind, we focused this release on features that provide both administrators and users with ways to configure the platform more easily in support of each customer’s unique operating environment and needs.” This release allows organisations to enforce standards and compliance requirements by defining certain action plans or ConOps that must be executed prior to an operator being able to log a situation as complete. This enables users to manage situations faster, with greater predictability and rigorous accountability. Other feature enhancements include additional map support on the VidSys PSIM mobile app and the ability to customise device icon policies, definable fonts and background colours on VidSys situation summary dashboards.

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