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Education Security Advisory Programme launched to tackle crime and enhance compliance in schools and FE

by Brian Sims

NW Systems, a specialist in surveillance systems and managed security services, has announced the launch of a dedicated Education Security Advisory Programme designed to ensure the effectiveness of security systems, help institutions comply with the latest regulations and support them in the battle against growing levels of crime in schools.

The launch is marked by two new appointments and the release of an education security White Paper and technical checklist to help schools, academies and colleges stay compliant in the face of upcoming regulations.

The announcement comes in the wake of news that over 1,300 weapons were seized from schools in 2016-2017, representing a 20% year-on-year rise.

In its comprehensive White Paper, NW Systems explores the challenges currently facing the education sector and the increasing use of security systems including CCTV surveillance technology and access control. The guide provides an insightful eight-point technical checklist, outlining Best Practice and compliance to which education establishments in the secondary and tertiary sectors should be adhering.

Offering an overview of the existing and upcoming legislation surrounding surveillance technology, the White Paper also enables institutions to determine whether a health check of their systems, processes and technology needs to be conducted by an industry specialist or a senior consultant.

Colin McKeown

Colin McKeown

The appointment of two senior consultants, Colin McKeown and Nigel Peers, marks an initiative to drive cohesion between technology and knowledge in order to bolster safeguarding in schools, colleges and universities.

With early experience as an ICT consultant in schools during the National Grid for Learning era, McKeown brings over 25 years of experience in the education sector to his new role at NW Systems. He has an established background in ICT consultancy, having previously run the Schools and Colleges Education Team at Compaq and HP as well as managing a regional ICT services company.

McKeown believes in transforming security solutions into safeguarding aids. As senior consultant, he’ll be directly responsible for understanding customer challenges and providing solutions that protect stakeholders while at the same time balancing funding and staff workload constraints.

With full teacher training status as well as a military background, Nigel Peers brings vast strategic education expertise as a previous co-founder of a successful workplace compliance training company responsible for security site surveys, vulnerability assessments and Security Industry Authority training courses.

Nigel Peers

Nigel Peers

Prior to joining NW Systems, Peers also set about the transformation of security at one of the UK’s biggest tourist attractions.

Working in close partnership with the Board and trustee-level individuals, Peers is responsible for helping organisations understand the latest regulations and ensuring that risks, threats and vulnerabilities are correctly identified.

Through strategic planning support, Peers optimises security solution delivery from mitigation to implementation, risk and incident management and then on to business continuity and recovery.

Frank Crouwel, managing director of NW Systems, commented: “Safeguarding continues to rise up the agenda for schools, colleges and universities across the UK. Institutions have been making use of security systems as a support tool for some time, but many have failed to periodically review their infrastructure to ensure it remains both effective and compliant. With crime in schools once again on the agenda, many will be more dependent on these systems than ever before. We’ve launched the Education Security Advisory Programme to empower the sector with the technology, knowledge and education needed to make the most effective use of security technology. We hope this will enable organisations to effectively deal with issues from new regulations to growing data security concerns.” 

*To find out more, download the new White Paper from NW Systems: Security – A Need for Effective Risk Mitigation in Education

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