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Dryad Maritime unveils online Risk Map for commercial shipping operations

by Brian Sims

Dryad Maritime has now released the Dryad Maritime Country Risk Map, an online risk portal that has been specifically designed to help commercial teams, CSOs, ship owners and managers optimise their maritime security strategies and identify new trading opportunities through enhanced Maritime Domain Awareness.

With a simple interface and concise intelligence, the portal is curated, reviewed and updated on a daily basis by Dryad’s specialist team of analysts. Dryad’s Country Risk Map goes beyond the simple aggregation of data seen in other similar products, with multi-source filtering and verification prior to being enriched with the analysis and insight of Dryad’s professional intelligence specialists.

The Risk Map is compiled with the end user in mind, dynamically assessing the impact to commercial shipping operations and, most importantly, the safety of vessels’ crews at sea and in port.

Ship owners and managers are under mounting pressure to make rapid trading decisions, the success of which can be hindered by risks in a multitude of ways. They need an on-demand, responsive service: a product that provides enough information to make preliminary decisions on the viability of commercial opportunities and one that can help determine whether further risk assessment and mitigation measures are required.

From commercial teams who are looking to fix cargoes in unfamiliar or frontier markets, to ship owners and technical teams assessing the appropriate risk mitigation strategy according to threats that are posed, the Country Risk Map offers the fastest route to maritime risk-related information for over 90 countries.

Disruption to maritime operations

Dryad’s COO Ian Millen commented: “Onshore events have the capability to disrupt maritime operations anywhere in the world and often at short notice. Having access to reliable, objective and non-sensational, maritime risk-based information means that our clients can react quickly to changes in security, thereby minimising the impact on their operations and helping them to make profitable trading decisions. This is particularly important in frontier markets, such as Libya, where the Country Risk Map can help operators make timely decisions on whether to trade and where to avoid.”

All risks considered to be a threat to seafarers including those posed by migration, conflict, natural disasters and crime are highlighted and covered by the product. As with Dryad’s existing intelligence services, the Country Risk Map is designed to help inform and optimise commercial and security decisions, with full and flexible access
available from tablets and smart phones.”

Millen added: “Our Risk Map offers unrivalled access to highly focused and up-to-date risk analysis across worldwide shipping routes. It’s an essential tool for ship owners and operators across the maritime industry who want to keep their people safe and their trading profitable, through enhanced maritime domain awareness that comes from a credible and effective intelligence service.”

The interactive map is colour-coded into a traffic light system to quickly and clearly show the countries posing the most significant risk in the region. A ‘last updated’ feature reassures users they’re accessing the latest information relevant to their area of interest. Analysis can be drilled down from a regional overview exploring the broader intelligence picture in the area to a country-specific chart clearly showing the threat posed from maritime crime, maritime risk, risk ashore, USCG listing and whether it’s designated as an IMB, stowaway or JWRC risk area.

Users are also able to view in-depth analysis relating to the most recent incidents in each region which is presented alongside Dryad’s bespoke recommendations and the opportunity to request additional risk assessment support.

Core features of the Risk Map

Key features of the Country Risk Map include:

*the latest information on threats at sea and ashore in over 90 countries within regions including East and West Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, South America and the Mediterranean

*a simple interface and concise information, making it easy to understand the level of risk in the countries vessels operate in tablet and smart phone-ready formats

*an at-a-glance overview of the current global risk picture from our team of leading maritime intelligence analysts, allowing end users to make immediate yet informed trading decisions

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