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Drum Cussac White Paper examines changing landscape of business travel risk

by Brian Sims

Drum Cussac, the global risk consultancy responsible for 15 million lives daily, has released its first thought leadership White Paper of 2019 entitled ‘The Future of Risk’. The business has reached out to both clients and security professionals across a wide range of industries in order to identify the key areas of concern for security, risk and travel professionals.

The resulting 30-page White Paper offers crucial business insights into the future of fully-integrated organisational security, the growing importance of managing employee mental health as well as physical risks, the unforeseen long-term risks of a globally mobile workforce and how risk management technology is set to develop in the near future.

Drum Cussac invited both internal and external experts to contribute towards the document, among them Craig Sweet (CEO of Drum Cussac), Katrina Williams (head of travel for the Crown Commercial Service), Dr Lucy Rattrie (chartered psychologist and lecturer at the University of Stirling) and Professor Scott Cohen, who focuses on the subjects of tourism and transport at the University of Surrey).

Alongside the White Paper, Drum Cussac also carried out an industry survey to identify the concerns of security professionals for the coming year. Takeaways include the finding that 50% of respondents expect health and travel risks to increase in 2019, only one-in-five respondents believe mental health to be a key safety concern for travellers and 59% of respondents said educating employees about travel risks is their biggest challenge.

Craig Sweet informed Risk Xtra: “Thought leadership evidenced by publications such as ‘The Future of Risk’ helps position us at the forefront of security and risk conversations, and also underlines the company’s forward-thinking approach towards risk management and mitigation. We don’t just want to help organisations fulfil their Duty of Care. Rather, we want them to embrace their duty to care and view employee well-being as an essential driver and enabler of global business growth.”

*Download your copy of the new White Paper by visiting Drum Cussac’s website

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