Home News Dr Gillian Tully takes on key role of Forensic Science Regulator

Dr Gillian Tully takes on key role of Forensic Science Regulator

by Brian Sims

The Home Office has announced the appointment of a new Forensic Science Regulator. Dr Gillian Tully will replace Andrew Rennison, whose term of office will come to an end next month. The Forensic Science Regulator is an independent role responsible for establishing and enforcing quality standards for forensic science used in the investigation and prosecution of crime. Dr Tully’s three-year term of appointment will begin on 17 November 2014. Experience and judgement A self-employed consultant in forensic science providing advice on casework, expert training and quality systems, Dr Tully previously spent 23 years working in the Forensic Science Service, which included a four-year period as head of Research and Development. Norman Baker, Minister for Crime Prevention, said:” Dr Gillian Tully has the experience and judgement necessary for this important role, dealing with those who deliver forensic service, the industry and Government. I should like to record the Government’s appreciation to Andrew Rennison for his contribution in successfully introducing the first set of quality standards in forensic science.” Dr Tully added:” I am looking forward to taking up this very challenging role, and will endeavour to provide my full support to all those involved in forensic science as we aim to continually improve standards.”

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