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dormakaba introduces next generation self-locking emergency escape locks

by Brian Sims

dormakaba has launched the latest generation of its SVP self-locking emergency escape locks. The range is ideally suited for use on emergency exits and escape routes where doors requiring access control can be balanced with safety in an emergency scenario. 

The SVP range of locks offers a number of different options from mechanical locking with an emergency escape function through to locks that also feature electronic access control and optional microswitch monitoring functions.

The SVP locks ensure security with two-point locking – deadbolt and clawbolt latch – engaged automatically after closure. The emergency escape function means that the door can be opened at any time in the exit direction by simply operating the lever handle or panic bar. The products are certified and CE-marked in accordance with both EN 179 and EN 1125 for emergency exits. In addition, they have been successfully type-tested for conformity to the requirements of EN 14846/EN 12209 and are Certifire-approved for use on fire doors.

The SVP 6000 is ideal for external doors that must be secured to prevent unauthorised access into the building, but also form part of the emergency escape route and therefore must provide free movement out of the building. Access control is made simple by the electromechanical lock that uses a solenoid to operate the bolt. It also allows the option for the lock to fail-safe or fail-secure in the event of power loss.

It also features microswitch monitoring of the latch, deadbolt, cylinder and lever handle, thereby allowing remote verification that the door is secured and a record of authorised and attempted access.

The SVP 6000 includes the option to set an ‘open mode’ where the outside handle is constantly engaged, allowing access without an electronic access key during certain times. This provides the option to have free access during the day and secure the building at night or outside of working hours.

Remote unlocking

The SVP 2000 Dorma Connected Work (DCW) offers the same access control, escape functionality and monitoring capabilities, but with the addition of an electric motorised lock that allows remote unlocking via the integrated DCW Bus interface.

They can also be combined with automatic swing door operators such as dormakaba’s ED 100 and ED 250 to provide barrier free access in high traffic environments.

SVP locks are available in different models suitable for over-rebated or flush-closing timber/steel doors and also narrow stile doors. They’re flexible in terms of their installation position thanks to the non-handed (universal) trip latch.

Archie Teagle, product marketing manager at dormakaba, said: “Our highly adaptable SVP range of self-locking emergency escape locks has already been used in a wide range of applications. The release of the next generation of products provides improved functionality and greater versatility for building managers and end users alike.”

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