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Door security personnel standard revised to meet new challenges and changes in law

by Brian Sims

BSI, the business standards company, has revised BS 7960 Door Supervision: Code of Practice. The updated standard gives recommendations for the organisation and management of companies providing door supervision services – whether contracted or in-house – to licensed premises or events.

BS 7960:2016 was revised to accommodate changes in the legal requirements for door security staff. A ‘Response to Emergencies’ section replaces the previous ‘Contingency Plan for Security’, while a new threat level provides guidance for door security personnel on how to handle emergencies as divergent as performing First Aid to a vulnerable person through to responding appropriately when a terrorist attack or other large-scale emergency occurs.

The revised standard has new requirements to identify and implement violence reduction measures, and also ensure that Security Industry Authority (SIA) licenses are checked against the Regulator’s records at least once a month.

There are additional guidance notes regarding the Data Protection Act and SIA licence requirements when CCTV or other data recording devices are employed.

Deployment of door personnel

To reflect the changing face of the labour market, BS 7960 now refers to the deployment rather than the employment of door security personnel, as the individual may be under instruction of the company, but paid by a third party.

A new clause has also been added to ensure that the requirements of the standard are still met when door security personnel are working for a sub-contractor.

In addition to those public and private sector organisations requiring the use of door supervisors, the standard is expected to be particularly relevant for the Association of Security Consultants, the Institute of Professional Investigators, Ex-Police in Industry and Commerce and the National Association of Security Dog Users.

Crucial role to play

Anne Hayes, head of market development for governance and resilience at BSI, explained: “Professional door supervisors fulfil a crucial role not only in providing security for premises, but also in upholding the safety and well-being of individuals on those premises. In developing BS 7960, we’ve worked closely with private security firms to ascertain what door security personnel need in order to do their job as safely and effectively as possible.”

BS 7960 now accommodates the 2013 legal requirement that all door security staff secure an SIA Level 2 Award for Upskilling. In common with the standard it now replaces, the private security industry was heavily involved in the development of BS 7960:2016.

Organisations involved in the development of the standard included the British Security Industry Association, the National Security Inspectorate, the SIA and the Proof of Age Standards Scheme.

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