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Digital video implemented after engine room fire

by Brian Sims

Milestone Systems’ open platform IP video management software has been installed on a Norwegian ship service with network cameras from Axis Communications. An engine room fire in 2011 prompted renovations, which included the implementation of surveillance technology for safety and operational reasons. Hurtigruten is a traditional ferry service, transporting cargo and passengers between Bergen and Kirkenes in Norway. Serving the coastal population for nearly 150 years, it is both a transport route and a tourist attraction. The route currently has 11 vessels calling at 34 ports, transporting more than 230,000 passengers. In September 2011 a fire broke out in the engine room of one of Hurtigruten’s vessels. Passengers and crew were evacuated, but the fire caused damage to the vessel, which required shipyard repairs over the course of five months. During the renovation, it was decided to replace and modernise the communication system and infrastructure. NCMC, a consultancy firm for maritime IT system solutions, implemented an IP network and existing surveillance cameras were replaced with network cameras and the video management software. The goal was to improve the safety and security of the passengers and crew, as well as communication on board. On MS Nordlys communications issues were solved by using three different network technologies that complement and back each other up. This guarantees contact with the control rooms in ports. Essential ship operations benefit from using the surveillance. Guest reception, the retail shop, unloading and loading, wharf landings, the car deck traffic, the bridge overview and the engine room all represent task areas for the crew, and performance and safety are enhanced via the video monitoring. Video from the engine room helps the engineers on board to make sure that everything is fully functional. Monitoring also ensures additional safety for the crew in the engine room; colleagues can be alerted if an incident occurs.

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