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DG800-BT Bluetooth Access Controller from SSP now available through Norbain

by Brian Sims

Norbain is offering the latest addition to SSP’s range, namely the DG800-BT Bluetooth Access Controller, which is described as being “ideal” for use on the gated entrances and doors of offices, warehouses and factories.

It provides a weatherproof standalone access control solution that allows pre-authorised end users to gain access with the convenience of using their smart phone, in addition to PIN code entry and proximity card/fob entry methods. Up to 200 users can be enrolled into the DG800-BT by a single administrator who controls the access permissions for all end users.

Provided the administrator’s smart phone is within the Bluetooth range of the DG800-BT (ie up to 50 metres), the administrator has full admin control and can add/delete users, view user data, grant user access for specific dates or time periods, change any user’s PIN code and view an activity log of usage (of the last 1,000 events).

The smart phone app (which is compatible with Android 5.0 and above and iOS 9.0 and above) enables the DG800-BT to be triggered manually, but also has a selectable ‘auto-mode’ which allows it to be automatically triggered when the smart phone is within a pre-selected range.

The built-in proximity reader accepts EM 125 kHz cards or fobs and has a read-range of up to 5 cm. Entry PIN codes for keypad access can have a length of four to eight digits. It has one volt-free relay output (single-pole double-throw) enabling the control of fail-safe and fail-secure locks, garage doors, gates, barriers, lights and alarms, etc. Other features of the DG800-BT include a back-lit keypad, and a tamper alarm and buzzer (85 dB). The Bluetooth Access Controller has an IP55 rating.

A typical door set up with a magnetic lock would comprise a DG800-BT, maglock, brackets, power supply, exit button and a break glass unit. SSP’s PSU3A-12(B) power supply provides a suitable 12 V DC output for powering the DG800-BT, plus the connected locking products (eg maglock, electric release and solenoid bolt).

If you’re looking to install the DG800-BT outside (such as on a gate), the SSP range also includes weatherproof maglocks (eg EXM12-24). SSP has a large selection of complementary products in its range, including a similar product to the DG800-BT (the EASIPROX-BT, but this is without the PIN code feature).

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