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Delta Scientific introduces higher crash-rated TB150 portable security bollards

by Brian Sims
Delta Scientific's TB150 bollards

Delta Scientific’s TB150 bollards

Delta Scientific’s patented crash-rated TB150 portable security bollard system allows law enforcement and other security providers to promptly block access to temporary venues where vehicles can be used as weapons against large numbers of pedestrians. Individual portable bollards provide vehicle barricades in applications such as heavily travelled walkways and roadways or any area that a vehicle can pass through. They can also be used as substitutes until permanent bollard systems are installed.

Ten TB150 portable bollards can be linked together with a cable system and placed on a road’s surface to create immediate protection for a span of 40 feet (12.2 metres). No other installation procedures, excavations or sub-surface preparations are required.

Certified testing demonstrates that a TB150 portable bollard will stop and disable a 15,000 pound (6,804 kg) vehicle travelling at 50 mph (80.4 kph), resulting in an ASTM M50 P3 rating.

“Being able to stop a massive, high-speed attack vehicle is imperative for protecting crowds enjoying venues such as Shopping Centres and theme parks,” emphasised David Dickinson, president of Delta Scientific. “The TB150 marks a new standard in crowd protection. The portable bollard array requires no foundation or site preparation and can be used for permanent or temporary vehicle control. The bollards can be set up on any stable surface such as concrete, asphalt, compacted soil or vegetation.”

According to Dickinson, the TB150 temporary bollards can be used to close off streets, entrances or wide expanses such as access to pedestrian areas or even airport runways. They can be installed in conjunction with Delta’s MP5000 portable barricade to fill in any gaps to protect people and critical infrastructures at public events such as parades, festivals, sporting weekends and any place that vehicles could attack transitory events.

The combination of the portable barriers with the new portable bollards provides fast-controlled vehicle access without the time and labour of installation.

“From a purchasing standpoint, it can be easier to buy portable bollards and barricades than permanent solutions,” added Dickinson. “The latter are often placed into an organisation’s real assets budget because they’re permanently installed into the ground, becoming part of the property. Such budgets can often create complex purchasing scenarios for security professionals. However, purchasing portable bollards and barricades is no different than buying protective vests for security personnel.”

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