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Dell SecureWorks part of the CIR scheme

by Brian Sims

The National Cyber Security Strategy has named Dell SecureWorks as one of the IT security providers for the UK Government’s certified Cyber Incident Response (CIR) scheme. The CIR scheme has been developed to protect UK businesses from cyber threats and to provide clear guidance as to which security service providers companies can turn to for help should they be attacked. The objective of the scheme is to make the UK more resilient to cyber-attacks, and to help businesses recover quickly and with minimum disruption should they suffer an attack. Incident response provides rapid containment of cyber threats, ensuring that a breach impacts a small part of an organisation whenever possible. Once the threat has been completely eradicated, those responsible for security need to ensure that the business is properly protected against future threats by implementing an appropriate and robust security plan. There was a strict criteria that had to be met in order to join the scheme. The selection process required businesses to demonstrate a high level of expertise, a robust methodology in approaching threats and solid experience of handling, containing and recovering from a wide range of cyber-attacks. Don Smith, director of technology, Dell SecureWorks comments,” This is an excellent example of the government working with the private sector to provide organisations with much-needed assistance in a critical area for modern-day enterprises; cyber security. Even in mature IT environments, when faced with advanced and targeted attacks, organisations often require an extra level of assistance and expertise.”

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