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Dedicated Micros brings “innovative” DVR, NVR and IP camera solutions to UK market

by Brian Sims
Dedicated Micros has brought a series of new CCTV solutions to market for end users

Dedicated Micros has brought a series of new CCTV solutions to market for end users

AD Group company Dedicated Micros has released four “innovative” CCTV products to the UK surveillance market. Available as of 31 August 2015, these products provide a “significant future-proofing benefit” by enabling HD video upgrades over either – or both – coax and IP.

Through these new solutions, Dedicated Micros can offer end users and installers alike a lower cost of ownership, lower capital outlay, flexibility and ease of installation. Importantly, end users are no longer limited to using only IP. Instead, they will have HD video no matter what the network infrastructure looks like, be it coax or IP.

The new products include an enhanced version of the SD Advanced hybrid DVR with HD analogue and HD IP support in models over 6 Tb. Also released are the Ice2 HD analogue camera range, the SmartVu IP camera range with remote focus as standard and the SD Advanced NVR. The latter provides desktop HD video surveillance for up to 32 SmartVu IP cameras.

When paired with Ice2 HD analogue cameras, the enhanced SD Advanced hybrid DVR is ideal for legacy upgrades as it provides a fully-featured path up to HD quality using existing coax cabling. The Ice2 cameras can run in either standard definition, where they may be used with any Dedicated Micros analogue-capable DVR, or in 720p HD mode when paired with the enhanced SD Advanced.

The enhanced product is capable of processing 175 Mbs data, making it “the most powerful embedded hybrid IP product on the market”. Not only can this solution comfortably process 16 HD analogue cameras, but it’s also capable of recording and displaying images from over 16, 1080 IP cameras concurrently.

Whether HD analogue or HD IP, all camera configuration is undertaken at the DVR, in turn lowering the cost of ownership, training and maintenance.

Detail on the SD Advanced NVR

Dedicated Micros’ SD Advanced NVR is a secure, robust and cost-saving HD IP video solution based on the popular NVR Media Server. Its built-in Closed IPTV Layer 3 switch allows up to 16 SmartVu IP cameras to be directly plugged into the product. That configuration is expandable up to 32 with the addition of another 16-port Closed IPTV switch.

Remote focus is incorporated into the new SmartVu as a standard feature ensuring pin sharp image quality which would otherwise take time to perfect on site.

Mike Newton: founder and CEO of Dedicated Micros

Mike Newton: founder and CEO of Dedicated Micros

Further beneficial features such as MultiMode recording are built into all Dedicated Micros DVR, NVR and IP camera products. MultiMode recording dynamically changes the video stream to a higher resolution on the occurrence of an event or other pre-determined triggers such as analytics, data inputs or hard contacts. This feature enables uninterrupted streaming and recording without stopping and re-starting the stream.

When switching resolutions and bit rates, some systems take up to ten seconds to restart at a new resolution. With Dedicated Micros’ technology, the switch is instant. During times of inactivity, recording is optimised to reduce bandwidth use which saves up to 50% of the end user’s storage without missing any of the action.

These new CCTV product lines can be used in a variety of vertical markets, such as schools, retail stores, shopping centres, hospitals, small manufacturing units and multi-million square foot factories.

Identification of end user requirements

Mike Newton, founder and CEO of Dedicated Micros, explained: “We’ve developed these new products by identifying the end user requirement to upgrade to HD in a cost-effective way, and we’ve employed innovative technology to meet such requirements. Our success is founded upon driving change and, in bringing these innovations to market, we continue to challenge convention in order to provide a substantial return on investment.”

Newton continued: “While there are low cost solutions for bluntly recording HD images, we’ve clearly identified the need for a more fully-featured solution that meets the ongoing needs of many of our customers. The alarm and metadata integration combined with our tried-and-tested methods designed to mitigate record storage requirements continue to service solutions where many other less featured recorders fail to deliver real return on investment.”

In addition, Newton stated: “HD video brings increased storage requirements. We developed MultiMode some time ago to mitigate this challenge by ensuring that, unlike other systems, our technology provides uninterrupted HD video when an event occurs, and otherwise records in the background at high quality. This saves up to 50% of the end user’s storage. Other systems on the market cannot do this.”

Newton believes the diversity of Dedicated Micros’ latest solutions makes the company unique when set against the competition. “No other provider has the breadth of solutions which are sufficiently scalable to provide economical solutions across diverse sites with diverse needs. This is all achievable while ensuring legacy upgrade paths and future-proofing, and all managed by the same customisable user interface.”

NetVu Connected: core server technology

Pauline Norstrom

Pauline Norstrom

Pauline Norstrom, chief operating officer at Dedicated Micros, said: “The release of these products reflects an exciting period for Dedicated Micros and shows that we possess a diverse portfolio which serves all end user markets. Installers and end users alike benefit from our HD analogue technology and patented self-configuring, secure IP video network system, Closed IPTV, which drastically lowers the cost of maintenance, installation, support and ownership.”

Norstrom went on to state: “We pride ourselves on offering our customers excellent quality, choice and value. These solutions all operate using our core server technology NetVu Connected, which offers alarm integration and transmission on alarm, data integration, customisation, flexibility, scalability, network resilience and real-time performance.”

Anticipating a high demand for legacy upgrades, Dedicated Micros has agreed a new working partnership with security solutions distributor Norbain.

Indeed, Norbain has already stocked the new lines. As part of their new arrangement, the two companies are working together to bring the best choice of products and services to the UK market.

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