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Data protection experts call on businesses to do more on EU GDPR compliance

by Brian Sims

Speakers at the European Data Protection Summit called on business leaders to take more preventative measures to avoid data breaches. Hosted by the Data Protection World Forum, the Summit took place in London on Monday 3 June and attracted over 700 attendees, 50 speakers and 30 exhibitors.

The high calibre line-up of international experts at the Summit, ranging from Max Schrems to Nicola Rovario and Sheila Fitzpatrick, called for businesses to take more ownership and preventative measures to protect personal information. A diverse range of topics were showcased through presentations and panel discussions including sessions on ‘International Data Transfers’ and ‘Dispelling the Myths of Privacy and Security’ to ‘Embedding A Culture Of Privacy In The Workplace That Enables Compliance.’

Speaking about the developments within the data protection industry since the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Data Protection World Forum founder and CEO Nick James said: “We all know that data protection is paramount to businesses and it gives consumers more power over their personal information. Within the first year of the GDPR’s introduction, the UK has logged over 14,000 data breaches. On the one hand, this shows that individuals are aware of their rights under the regulations and use it, and on the other that businesses need to do more to prevent those breaches. Events such as the European Data Protection Summit remind organisations that it’s no longer acceptable to fall short of rising global standards.”

Commenting on the first anniversary of the GDPR, Steve Wright (spokesperson for the Data Protection World Forum) observed: “2018 marked a breakthrough in data protection and privacy. With the GDPR prompting companies such as Facebook and Twitter to renew the way in which they store and analyse personal information, we can see that there has been a change in mindset among both business and wider society.”

Speakers at the European Data Protection Summit included Max Schrems (founder of noyb and a privacy activist), Steve Wright (GDPR consultant for the Bank of England), Nicola Roviaro (head of EMEA data privacy at Google), Tamara Ballard (data protection lawyer at Channel 4) and Sheila Fitzpatrick (president and founder of Fitzpatrick & Associates).

Upcoming events this year organised by the Data Protection World Forum include PrivSec on 23 and 24 September 2019 in Dublin, PrivSec on 5-6 November in New York and ExCeL in London on 3-4 December.

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