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Cyber security to the fore at Tyco’s dedicated C•CURE end user event in London

by Brian Sims

Cyber security was one of the current hot topics up for discussion at Tyco’s C•CURE end user event, which recently took place at the Crown Plaza Hotel in London. Risk Xtra reports.

“With C•CURE 9000 at the heart of so many high security solutions, it’s not surprising that end users want to be kept informed on any emerging cyber threats and how we’re dealing with them,” explained Gordon Morrison, GB sales director for the Tyco access control and video brands. “In this respect, the well-established Tyco Cyber Protection Programme, which we see as part of our long-term holistic approach to supplying customers with quality solutions, is helping us maintain a leadership position on cyber security.”

Morrison added: “We were able to reassure delegates that our solutions are specifically designed to be cyber resilient and that, before they are introduced, they’re extensively tested so that we can discover and address any critical vulnerabilities. We also arrange for independent testing to be conducted on our products and software to ensure that any new firmware or software updates do not open a ‘back door’.”

End users from across the UK who attended the day-long event were able to witness demonstrations of how they can take advantage of the latest technical advances from C•CURE 9000, the access control and event management platform from Tyco (the security products division of Johnson Controls). These included a Business Intelligent Reporting System module which provides real-time ‘easy on the eye’ graphical reports on access control activity.

The C•CURE Go Mobile access control app, which is supported by iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and Android phones and tablets, attracted a good deal of interest. Delegates were impressed with the app’s extensive range of features including the ability to remotely lock/unlock doors with the touch of a button and quickly search, create or update personnel records and add/remove clearances and deactivate cards on the go.

Some new hardware was also showcased, including the Innometriks readers which provide strong identity authentication for mission-critical environments using smart card, PIN and biometrics. Delegates were informed that a second generation PoE edge-based iSTAR 4 door controller is now under development. 

New features and functionality

A recent updated version of C•CURE 9000, specifically v2.7, has seen the introduction of a wide range of new features and functions designed to enhance the end user experience. Included is a web-based Access Management portal which further adds to C•CURE 9000’s ability to claim that it’s the most flexible and easy-to-use access control platform available, as well as adding to its reporting capabilities.

A cardholder’s request to be given access to a restricted area can now be directed to the person best placed to make the decision, replacing potentially long e-mail chains and slow response times common for access approvals. A new Access Management module offers an efficient method of managing cardholder access requests without requiring direct involvement from members of the security team.

C•CURE 9000 Access Management allows cardholders to make access requests through an intuitive, web-based portal. The self-service capabilities increase the agility of clearance owners’ responses to cardholder access requests for both temporary and contract staff, as well as those employees who have ‘drop-in’ work schedules or are part of project-based self-organising teams.

Winning formula of victor VMS

There was also a presentation on the latest features and functionalities of the victor unified video management system (VMS) and how it integrates seamlessly with C•CURE 9000 to streamline real-time security command and management over widespread and demanding environments.

The victor VMS synchronises video with data from access control, fire, intrusion and other systems. Future-proof and scaleable, it has been designed to provide a high performance solution which provides operators with superior situational awareness, as well as an easy way in which to investigate incidents and generate activity reports.

Key features of the victor solution are as follows:

*Intelligently delivers the right video and other critical information such as event notifications, maps and health monitoring to the right person at the right time and with the flexibility to display the video and other information on single or multiple screens (as well as video walls)

*System integrators are able to meet the customers’ operational requirements by selecting the right Tyco NVR for their needs together with a camera compatibility list spanning over 60 manufacturers and 3,300 cameras

*Provides a centralised view of fire, security and life safety operations

*Offers powerful tools to help simplify and enhance Command and Control operations

victor’s integration with C•CURE 9000 enables operators to monitor and prioritise events from both systems and to colour code them for rapid identification in order to facilitate quick response times. Combine these with other innovative C•CURE 9000 features and the end result makes for a formidable integrated security solution which can provide security or operational personnel with all the information they need to make quick decisions and take appropriate command actions if an incident or emergency occurs. 

Involvement from delegates

The event, which was supported by a number of C•CURE 9000 Enterprise Partners as well as several third party manufacturers who’ve integrated their solutions with the platform, was by all accounts a great success, with many of the delegates contributing to the session dedicated to discussing the new features and innovations which could be introduced in future updates of the C•CURE 9000 platform. 

Russell Baker, business development manager for Zenitel (the specialist provider of intelligent communications solutions), said: “We were very pleased to be able to participate in the end user event. We were able to take the opportunity to demonstrate how the deep level of integration which can be achieved between the C•CURE platform and Zenitel’s intercom and PA systems enables our mutual end user clients to take their security to the next level. For high security and mission-critical applications, the interaction that takes place between the two solutions will ensure that security personnel are able to strictly control who has access to restricted areas and react quickly to any incidents arising.”

Traka, a division of ASSA Abloy, showcased how its intelligent key and equipment management systems have been integrated with C•CURE 9000. “Our ability to support C.Cure 9000 means there’s so much more we can do together to provide end users with greater value from their electronic security system,” explained Steve Bumphrey, UK sales director for Traka ASSA ABLOY. “The level of integration achieved means that end users can employ the C•CURE interface to enrol authorised personnel into the Traka database and then control access to our key cabinets and intelligent lockers, as well as manage the removal of physical assets. Traka-generated real-time alarms can be seamlessly managed via the C•CURE 9000 platform. Improved efficiency comes from only needing a single credential for both systems.”

Successful integrations highlighted 

Other successful integrations with C•CURE 9000 which were highlighted at the event included FireClass, a revolutionary new class of commercial fire detection products which are packaged as an easy to install, out-of-the-box, digital open protocol solution. Designed and engineered in Europe, FireClass technology is part of Tyco’s family of solutions.

3D Fingerprint MorphoWave from Idemia, the market leader in augmented identity, was also under the spotlight. Immune to environmental factors such as dust and lighting, MorphoWave’s acquisition of fingerprints is dynamic and fast. The solution is touchless and so offers the additional benefit of being hygienic.

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