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Cyber Security Summit set to co-locate with ASIS International’s 2018 Global Security Exchange

by Brian Sims

ASIS International has just announced that the Cyber Security Summit will co-locate with the organisation’s own Global Security Exchange (GSX) next month, in turn expanding the depth of cyber education available within the comprehensive GSX Conference Programme.

In the first year of its re-brand following a 63-year history as the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits, GSX is expected to attract more than 20,000 operational and cyber security professionals and 550 exhibitors to the Las Vegas Convention Centre from 23-27 September.

The Cyber Security Summit, which runs on 26-27 September, brings together top Government, industry and academia thought leaders to exchange ideas and engage in dialogue designed to improve the state of cyber security. The event provides an annual review of what has happened over the past year, an update on current cyber trends and, most importantly, a preview of what organisations need to prepare for in the future.

“When it was founded in 2011, the Cyber Security Summit was among the first national events to highlight the challenges posed by cyber threats,” said Richard Chase CPP PCI PSP, ASIS International’s 2018 president. “The inclusion of this event is a significant value-add to an already record-breaking conference. Our attendees will gain access to insights from Fortune 500 CISOs and high-level Government leaders who are not just talking about cyber security. Rather, they are doing it.”

The Cyber Security Summit joins event partners InfraGard and ISSA, as well as dozens of ‘Supporting Organisations’ representing a range of industry verticals. Revamped in 2017, the GSX ‘Supporting Organisations’ initiative has grown to reflect ASIS’ commitment to unite the full spectrum of security.

In 2018, the ‘Supporting Organisations’ for the GSX are Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo, the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists, AUVSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, CANASA, the Coalition of UAS Professionals, the Document Security Alliance, the Fraternal Order of Investigators, the Global Business Travel Association, Hostage USA, the International Association for Healthcare Safety and Security, the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators, the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, the International Association of Security Awareness Professionals, the International Association of Venue Management, the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, the International Facility Management Association, the International Foundation for Protection Officers, the International Organisation of Black Security Executives, the International Wireless Communications Expo, the Loss Prevention Foundation, the Military Police Regimental Association, the National Association of Security Companies, the National Association of School Resource Officers, The Society for Industrial Security Professionals, ONVIF, the Overseas Security Advisory Council, the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance, the PSA Security Network and the Secure Technology Alliance.

*To learn more about the event and to register your delegate place visit www.GSX.org

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