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Cyber security up for discussion at University Campus Aylesbury Vale Breakfast Briefing

by Brian Sims

The subject of cyber security will be placed under the spotlight at a special Breakfast Briefing to be held from 8.00 am to 10.00 am at the University Campus Aylesbury Vale in Walton Road, Aylesbury on Friday 27 January. Phillip Wood MBE, director of the Cyber Resilience Centre at University Campus Aylesbury Vale, will explain and discuss the continuing and increasing growth of cyber threats.

The event is primarily aimed at businesses and organisations in the region and designed to raise awareness, while at the same time offering guidance and advice on managing cyber risks, protecting against crime and mitigating information loss in today’s increasingly digital world.

University Campus Aylesbury Vale is a strategic partnership between Buckinghamshire New University and Aylesbury College. On the day, academics from the University’s Resilience, Business and Computing teams will also be available to talk about how they can help organisations to become more ‘cyber resilient’.

Phillip Wood MBE

Phillip Wood MBE

Wood, who’s also head of the School for Management and Professional Studies at Buckinghamshire New University, informed Risk UK: “This Breakfast Briefing looks at how we can consider the safe and secure use of our computers and mobile devices in a world now filled with unscrupulous hackers and cyber criminals. We will discuss what cyber is, who the adversaries are, what we can do about cyber protection and how companies and individuals might summon help.”

Wood continued: “Cyber threats could come from individuals, organised criminals, terrorists or even Governments. Threat actors are targeting the vulnerable and unprotected to steal their money or damage businesses and national interests. Potential criminals know that today’s individuals are technology-dependent. They also know that people generally don’t understand the threat in front of them. Most importantly, they know that our mobile and connected lives make their job as criminals so much easier.”

*For more details on the Breakfast Briefing (which is running under the banner ‘Cyber Security In A Modern Technological World’) and to book your place visit: www.ucav.ac.uk/cyber-security-breakfast

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