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CSC UK calls on business community to take lead in tackling cyber crime

by Brian Sims

Cyber Security Connect UK (CSC UK), the forum for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), has called upon UK businesses to take the lead in tackling cyber crime following the publication of the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) Annual Review for 2019.

The NCSC’s report details that 658 incidents were handled during the past year, highlighting the ongoing need for resilience against cyber attacks of varying degrees. The report goes on to detail operations that defend the public, including intervention in more than one million cases of potential credit card fraud, as well as those sectors most targeted by cyber crime (including Government, academia, IT, managed service providers, transport and health).

In response to the report’s publication, Aurore Domange (director at CSC UK) said: “We would like to congratulate the NCSC on its pioneering work in raising awareness of cyber security threats and in combating those that try to do harm. The 2019 report highlights just how many attacks have been prevented or halted in their infancy thanks to the diligence of the NCSC and its innovative approaches to tackling cyber crime.”

Domange added: “What the report also showcases, however, is the ongoing need for both businesses and the public to be vigilant in their everyday lives and it’s down to CISOs to set the standard. The NCSC aims to make the UK among the safest places to live and work, and it’s our job as cyber security professionals to reinforce this message.”

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