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Crowdguard commences deployment of award-winning HVM technology across UK

by Brian Sims

Crowdguard is now deploying the British-manufactured Surface Guard hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) product from ATG across the UK in partnership with Ainscough Industrial Services. Winner of the Physical Security category in 2019’s Counter-Terror Awards, the surface-mounted portable barrier system protects crowds from vehicle-borne attacks at events with no need for road fixings – allowing secure installation on a multitude of terrains and ground conditions.

The highly portable and efficient system is designed with short-term events and gatherings in mind, protecting crowds from malicious activity for the duration of an event without any impact on crowd management due to the solution’s ‘pedestrian permeable’ design. Site access is also uninhibited thanks to specially installed Vehicle Access Units which can be lowered in just 30 seconds.

ATG’s Surface Guard has been tested twice to the IWA 14 impact test standard. Surface Guard successfully stopped a 2,500 kg vehicle travelling at 48 kph and a 7,200 kg vehicle travelling at 32 kph. Maximum functionality and peak performance comes with no compromise on aesthetics, either. Event organisers have the option of adding footfall counting technologies, LED lighting and full vinyl covers that can be branded in line with the event or its sponsors. Moreover, the constant installation, removal and transportation of the Surface Guard system is no cause for concern as all equipment is serviced by trained technicians between every use.

Crowdguard’s deployment network is vast and equipment is stored locally ready for rapid shipment thanks to branches in Glasgow, Wigan, Manchester, Rotherham, Washington, Birmingham, London and Bath. Working with strategic partner Ainscough Industrial Services, Crowdguard’s systems are deployed and installed by specialist installation technicians and installation supervisors.

Developed by the Ainscough family (of Ainscough Industrial Services) in partnership with leading counter-terrorism and security experts, Crowdguard was established in response to the devastating surge in vehicle attacks on pedestrians across the UK and Europe. It became apparent that the market was in need of effective HVM technology that could be installed quickly at temporary events and locations where crowds gather.

Summarising Crowdguard’s mission, operations director Deborah Ainscough informed Risk Xtra: “We’re delighted to announce the launch of Crowdguard, a business focused on event protection, and look forward to working with event organisers, councils, the police and any other relevant stakeholders to meet the ever-changing needs of the community using the smartest solutions possible to provide the highest standards of protection for the public at gatherings and events.”

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