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Corps Security set to tackle organisational resilience at forthcoming Breakfast Briefing in London

by Brian Sims

Corps Security’s next Breakfast Briefing will feature experts examining the subject of organisational resilience. The ‘Resilience Against Terrorism and Organised Crime’ event takes place on Thursday 9 June between 8.15 am and 10.30 am at the company’s headquarters in Cowcross Street, London.

The issue of organisational resilience has been the subject of increasing attention in recent years and, in late 2014, the BSI published BS 65000 Guidance for Organisational Resilience. This document highlights how organisations need to assess their capacity to anticipate, respond and adapt to any unplanned event through the integration of disciplines that are essential for resilience.

Today’s businesses need to adopt a proactive approach towards governance and understand the importance of being forewarned. Organisational resilience works alongside existing risk, crisis and business continuity management strategies to provide a solid defence against the repercussions of an attack.

Corps Security’s Breakfast Briefings attract a diverse cross-section of delegates such as heads of security and security directors, alongside others involved in the procurement of security services. At this latest event, delegates from a wide variety of public and private sector organisations will hear from an officer of the Metropolitan Police Service’s Flying Squad who’ll examine organisational resilience in light of one of the most audacious crimes of modern times. He’ll explain the mistakes that were made, and how better strategic planning could have thwarted the thieves.

Ralph Davies, Corps Security’s business development manager, will then join Mike Bluestone (director of the Corps Consult division) for a presentation entitled: ‘Establishing Resilience to Counter the Threat from Terrorism’. They will cover a range of topics including how to identify the sources of threats and terrorist methodology and the impact of terrorism on public and private sector organisations, before going on to explain the importance of policies and procedures, employee training, awareness programmes and the need for regular reviews and audits.

Mike Bluestone CSyP

Mike Bluestone CSyP

This presentation concludes with an overview of why enterprises should have the right level of physical and electronic security in place, and how delegates might go about ensuring that an operation can cope with an unplanned event.

Mike Bluestone told Risk UK: “Security professionals are incredibly busy people. On that basis, taking time out to attend events in the middle of a working day is often impossible. Having the briefings early in the morning allows delegates to obtain valuable information and network without negatively impacting on their schedules. I’m absolutely certain that anyone interested in becoming more organisationally resilient in the face of a growing terrorist threat and the increase in organised crime will gain a great deal from attending this event.”

*Refreshments are to be provided during the Breakfast Briefing and there will be an opportunity to network. Those interested in attending need to pre-register as these events are always oversubscribed and limited to just 35 places. Interested parties should send an e-mail to: breakfastbriefings@corpssecurity.co.uk

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