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CoESS and Euralarm publish joint brochure on key topic of cyber security

by Brian Sims

CoESS and Euralarm have published a joint education brochure for practising professionals on the subject of cyber security. The brochure, which is entitled ‘Cyber Security: Threat or Opportunity? It’s Up to You!’, was officially launched during the 2019 CoESS General Assembly held on Friday 11 October in Rome.

Cyber security breaks up the borders between product development, design, installation, operational continuity and alarm response. The new guidelines outlined by CoESS and Euralarm highlight that, when addressing cyber security, it’s important to understand that all steps are inter-related in a security supply chain.

With CoESS and Euralarm listed as joint publishers of the brochure, the new document covers the complete supply chain for the fire and security market – from manufacturers of products through to private security companies and their end user customers. The brochure highlights the risks and responsibilities for each stakeholder in the chain and what companies need to do to mitigate those risks, both from a human and technological perspective.

It’s fair to state that many practitioners are not yet aware of the importance of the sometimes simple measures required for the security and reputation of their business.

Cyber security is most certainly a top priority for businesses and Governments. Many enterprises large and small already have structures and people in place to enhance resilience against the risks of cyber security, but with a rapidly increasing number of devices connected to networks the cyber security risks are growing. Taking measures to enhance resilience against cyber threats is therefore crucial for the business continuity of fire and security companies and their customers, the security of data and assets and both the industry’s and its clients’ reputation.

Importance of the human factor

Although most of the available products offer tools to provide a level of protection and many companies have internal cyber security rules and procedure in place, the importance of the human factor in achieving and maintaining cyber security is often forgotten. With this joint brochure, CoESS and Euralarm want to create awareness that, with the right security measures, cyber threats can be mitigated.

The brochure looks at the whole supply chain and gives recommendations on the role of companies, their employees and end users in carrying out security measures to minimise cyber security risks. This requires an awareness that each part of the chain needs to implement its own measures.

The brochure also examines what’s already being done to mitigate existing risks and what companies can do in order to ensure the integrity of the chain. On a step-by-step basis, the brochure informs the reader about cyber security risks and solutions in the different phases.

David Wilkinson, director of technical services at the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) commented: “The BSIA is delighted to have played its part in developing this guidance through its partnership with Euralarm and welcomes the release of this publication. The guidance has a truly European reach through both Euralarm and CoESS and will be of much benefit to businesses in our sector.”

About CoESS

The main objective of CoESS is to represent and support the growth of an industry that delivers solutions of high quality and professionalism focused on the selection and development of qualified staff and technology. The core values of CoESS are quality, safety, compliance and trust.

CoESS is the umbrella organisation for 23 national private security employers’ associations, of which 18 are resident within European Union Member States. CoESS is recognised by the European Commission as a European sectoral social partner and is active in a constructive social dialogue with UNI Europa.

*The new brochure for professionals in the security and fire industry can be downloaded from www.coess.org and www.euralarm.org

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