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CO alarms fitted in housing upgrade

by Brian Sims

Birmingham’s Castle Vale Community Housing Association (CVCHA) is implementing Aico’s Carbon Monoxide (CO) across its properties. CVCHA manages 2,300 properties, which were transferred from a Housing Action Trust in 2005. Falling outside the auspices of the Decent Homes Programme, the housing stock now requires upgrading. Steve Trennery, Head of Asset Management, has been appointed to take on this task, starting with replacing the boilers. Trennery explains,” We are fitting sealed in boilers on the whole. Many of the properties have gas cookers or gas fires, and there are issues such as blocked flues to be aware of, so we made the decision to fit CO alarms throughout as part of a review of safety; it’s a precautionary measure.” CVCHA will be fitting a combination of Ei261ENRC mains-powered CO alarms with 10-year rechargeable Lithium cell back up and replacement sensor and Aico’s new Ei208 Lithium battery powered CO alarms. In addition, CVCHA is upgrading its battery-only powered smoke alarms to Aico’s mains powered Ei160RC Series alarms. Aico is working with CVCHA as a partner on this scheme which is being led by npower.

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