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ClanTect Motion Detection Systems adds ‘ClanConnect’ for high speed data connectivity

by Brian Sims

ClanTect, the UK-based specialist in motion detection systems for the security sector, has announced the launch of its powerful new ‘ClanConnect’ communications software module.

‘ClanConnect’ provides a high speed and secure communications gateway, connecting a wide dispersed network of remote terminals with the head office host system. This provides for the rapid and tamper-free, two-way transmission of data and programs.

The benefits for security operations within large diverse organisations (such as Border Force agencies, prison authorities, police forces and the military) are said to be “enormous”.

Professor Steve Daley, managing director of ClanTect, explained to Risk Xtra: “The ability to consolidate data across a diverse installed base of circa 100 or more remote terminals, often in multi-country locations, cannot be underestimated. The saving in time and manpower is significant, as is the provision of up-to-date and accurate operational data that’s available at the ‘push of a button’.”

‘ClanConnect’ also significantly improves the ‘user experience’ and the ‘systems up-time’ by providing online diagnostic support between the head office and any remote terminal.

Professor Steve Daley explained further: “’ClanConnect’ enables the head office to access and interrogate the remote terminal online, which means a much faster and more effective response to operational and user issues. In simple terms, the causes and remedies can be identified and executed quickly. For example, remote terminals can be reconfigured and software updates transmitted and updated. The end result is that operations are resumed with minimal downtime. Customers are using our systems 365 days per year. ‘ClanConnect’ will ensure that systems’ operational up-time is as close to 24-7 as possible.”

The ClanTect Motion Detection System is used by security organisations for the detection of hidden human and livestock presence in large vehicles.

*For more details on ClanTect and its Motion Detection System visit www.clantect.com or contact the team at info@clantect.com

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