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Certified Technical Security Professionals Register to incorporate auditors and consultants

by Brian Sims
Kevin Matthew

Kevin Matthew

Tavcom Training, operator of the professional Register of Certified Technical Security Professionals (CTSP), will announce this week that the Register now recognises auditors and consultants. In addition, details of a new Vocational Application Pathway for the Register will be highlighted at IFSEC International 2018.

The Register of CTSPs was officially launched in September last year, and industry feedback has led to the inclusion of two additional registration categories: auditors and consultants. Individuals can now register as an engineer, auditor or consultant in one or more of the original four core disciplines comprising Video Surveillance Systems, Intruder and Hold-Up Alarms, Access Control Systems and Fire Detection Systems.

A Vocational Application Pathway has been introduced for individuals (engineers or consultants only) who don’t hold recognised industry qualifications, but who can evidence relevant security systems experience.

Both the standard qualification and Vocational Application Pathways have been developed in partnership with the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB), an endorsing body for the CTSP.

Recognition for specialist skills

CTSP registrar Kevin Matthew observed: “We believe these enhancements to the registration process provide additional opportunities for consultants and auditors to be justifiably recognised for their specialist skills and is a further step towards professionalisation of the sector. The stringent checks undertaken to validate applicants prior to registration provide confidence for customers and employers and will raise professional standards in the technical security industry.”

SSAIB training manager Trevor Jenks commented: “I’m delighted that we can demonstrate our support for the CTSP programme in this way as it’s really important to recognise the technical expertise of installers in our industry. The CTSP professional registration recognises the competence and experience of our SSAIB auditors, enhancing their existing auditing qualifications and differentiating them from solely management-based activities.”

Jenks added: “All future SSAIB auditors will go through CTSP registration when they join, ensuring that our high standards in technical auditing are maintained and recognised for many years to come.”

Selecting a qualified professional

All CTSP applications are strictly assessed by the registration manager to ensure only those with the necessary credentials are admitted to the Register. The publicly searchable Register duly lists registrants, their role and the disciplines in which they are qualified, enabling end users and employers alike to confidently select a qualified technical security professional.

The CTSP application process is conducted online and costs £25, with a £50 annual registration fee payable upon successful admittance to the Register. Part of a certified professional network, registrants can use the CTSP post-nominals (eg John Smith CTSP) and are permitted to use the CTSP logo on promotional materials.

*For more information visit www.ctsp.org.uk

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