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CCTV and business loss prevention

by Brian Sims

Choosing bespoke security systems can be just the ticket to monitor problem areas of businesses. Including HD CCTV cameras and remote monitoring can help prevent not only financial losses but also increase business efficiency using the correctly designed system, according to Gary Trotter, general manager Hadrian Technology. Businesses have to deal with fraud, abuse, misconduct, vandalism, theft and waste which can result on huge annual losses. Trotter explains,” Security managers, store managers, and loss prevention managers are just some of the people who are asked to trawl through CCTV footage on a regular basis. Work smart, not hard, applies to CCTV, and there are clever tools that mean CCTV can be used in so many different ways, it doesn’t have to be difficult and can help save millions in the long run.” With a rise in” claim culture” in the UK, and the ever-growing number of personal injury claim specialists being advertised, pursuing a compensation claim is becoming more popular following accidents. Firms lose thousands each year and in some cases millions to compensation claims, these could be defended if CCTV had been introduced and used effectively. Trotter continues,” The quality and complexity of CCTV systems in this day and age means businesses can prevent huge losses if they opt for the right set up. With the introduction of IP video analytics, CCTV cameras can be set to focus on a particular area of a store, warehouse, office or any other area in which accidents can occur. Such technology means false claims – that are often hard for businesses to disprove and subsequently result in large pay-outs to claimants” can be defended with clear evidence.” Other issues businesses face along with accident claims, are accusations of abuse and misconduct. Such accusations can often lead to wrongful dismissal, or victims not being taken seriously. The presence of CCTV in the workplace means that such cases are less likely to happen, and if they do, the victim has evidence to prove their claim. CCTV systems can vary in cost, but installing the right system and teaching staff how to operate it efficiently and effectively, means more often than not, the system pays for itself with the savings made due to fewer insurance payouts, court cases, and job losses.

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