NSI announces accreditation for emergency lighting

NSI has announced it has been granted UKAS accreditation to deliver BAFE’s emergency lighting scheme (SP203-4). Organisations applying for this scheme will become both NSI and BAFE approved. SP203-4 is a modular scheme allowing companies to be approved by NSI for the...
Posted On 22 Jun 2013

Settlement agreements for employment disputes

Following recent ‘Ending the Employment Relationship’ consultation, the Government’s response has highlighted the introduction and implementation of a statutory code and guidance to encourage more prolific utilisation of settlement agreements. This coincides...
Posted On 21 Jun 2013

UPS earns ‘energy star’ rating

Eaton has announced Energy Star certification of its 9PX and 9SX UPS units. Energy Star is intended to help users save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. Eaton’s UPSs earned the Energy Star following stringent third party...
Posted On 20 Jun 2013

Bollard crash-test success claimed

Perimeter Protection Group has revealed that its M50 hydraulic bollard has successfully passed the ASTM F2656-07 M50 crash test at Karco Engineering in California. A 6.8 tonne truck impacted the bollard with a speed of 80km/h. The bollard resisted and achieved a P2 rating. The...
Posted On 19 Jun 2013

SSAIB announces plans for 2013

The SSAIB, a UKAS-recognised certification body, has announced a range of initiatives for the coming year. These include further enhancements to its website, an easier online application system and an electronic auditing package. The upcoming moves, announced by Chief Executive...
Posted On 18 Jun 2013

Will traffic permit schemes enhance supply chain continuity?

Traffic congestion in the UK has a significant impact on businesses and organisations. Estimates for the cost of traffic congestion to the UK economy vary from
Posted On 17 Jun 2013

Magal moves into cyber security

Magal Security Systems has announced that it is expanding its business with the delivery of integrated physical-cyber protection solutions. To pursue this strategy, Magal has acquired Websilicon, an Israeli-based company operating in the network management and monitoring markets....
Posted On 16 Jun 2013

Resort opts for IP-enabled emergency intercom

Bandos Island Resort and Spa, a Maldives Islands resort, has enhanced its on-site solutions with the addition of IP-enabled audio. The system, installed by Maldives-based systems integration company EIT Private, integrates two-way audio technology from Barix as part of an...
Posted On 15 Jun 2013

Data destruction growth revealed

Demand for standardised information management practices by leading businesses in the UK has contributed to an 18 per cent growth in customer numbers for data destruction company Shred-it. The Manchester-based business has experienced increased demand for its services as...
Posted On 14 Jun 2013

Private Marine Convoy Service to Defend Against Piracy

Typhon has announced that it is launching its marine convoy escort service with immediate effect. This private service is designed to assist ship operators that need to transit the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, by offering a contracted private convoy escort service....
Posted On 13 Jun 2013