Home News Carmarthenshire County Council takes data protection steps

Carmarthenshire County Council takes data protection steps

by Brian Sims

Carmarthenshire County Council recently chose Trustwave SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) to reduce the cost of meeting regulations associated with the sharing of information on the Government’s secure extranet. The Welsh county council reviewed alternative solutions when its incumbent solution ran out of capacity and needed upgrading. All public bodies that connect to the UK Government’s Connect Secure Extranet are required to comply with a Code of Conduct, known as the Good Practice Guideline (GPG)13. This directive stipulates the need to maintain comprehensive log records of all failed network authentications for at least a month. To meet this requirement, the Council was logging 33 million events per day that it needed to store and analyse to produce regular reports. Idris Evans, the council’s IT Security Manager responsible for the 3,200-user network, claims the solution saves both time and money. Hardware storage costs are reduced as the system allows analysis of the log data stored online. The council’s previous solution only allowed 18 days’ worth of logs online, with the remainder stored offline. The IT department also required four hours to retrieve and analyse data each time they wanted to run a report. The new system delivers 2-3 years’ worth of online log storage capacity and takes minutes to analyse. The council is also planning to enable the local police force to use the solution for its own log monitoring purposes, but with completely segregated logs.

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