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BRE director Graham Orme appointed Chairman of the European Fire & Security Group

by Brian Sims
Graham Orme of BRE Global

Graham Orme of BRE Global

The European Fire & Security Group (EFSG) has appointed Graham Orme, director at BRE Global, as Chairman for a three-year term of office.

The EFSG is an association of established certification bodies in Europe specialising in the fire and security sectors. It provides a network of highly experienced certifiers with respected quality marks who actively assist product and systems manufacturers to access European and worldwide markets.

The certification bodies and their associated test laboratories co-operate to form agreements which allow mutual recognition of each other’s test results. This enables a manufacturer to obtain multiple quality certification marks on the basis of one set of tests and, as a consequence, make significant savings in cost and time.

The EFSG is wholly committed to delivering a quality approval service that’s focused on the needs of specifiers seeking reliable products and equipment manufacturers that must bring their products to market on a swift basis.

Increased awareness that self-certification is leading to confusion and inconsistency has reinforced the need for a workable pan-European solution to certification. EFSG is duly responding to this need.

Further development of the EFSG

Speaking about his new role, Graham Orme told Risk UK: “I’m very pleased to be appointed as Chairman by the EFSG. I’ve been involved with the Group for many years now and I’m proud of what the membership has collectively achieved to date. I look forward to further development of the ESFG and assisting industry to penetrate both European and other global markets.”

Orme joined BRE Global from Warrington Certification back in October 2009 to take up the role of standards manager, bringing with him a wealth of technical knowledge and industry experience. As standards manager, he actively promoted the certification work of BRE Global in overseas markets, focusing in particular on both the LPCB and BREEAM brands.

All the while, Orme’s efforts were closely aligned with those of specifiers and regulators to ensure that they were able to maximise the benefits of specifying and adopting approved products and services from BRE Global.

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